7 Questions to Ask When Picking a Moving Company

There are many types of moving companies out there, ranging from small to large. If you’re planning on hiring a moving company to handle some of your moving tasks, such as downsizing or managing an estate clean-out, there are many factors to consider.

Before hiring a moving company, it’s important to determine the level of service that you want. By doing so, you can get a better idea of how much it will cost. Below are some questions you should ask a moving company before deciding to hire them for your move.

1. Does the Moving Company Have a License for Work?

When hiring a moving company, states require companies to meet a set of minimum standards to provide a level of service acceptable to the consumers. Unlicensed moving companies can be more economical, but they may not offer the same services or provide the same quality of service.

2. Do You Employ Contractors or Employees?

Many companies hire part-time workers who don’t have the necessary experience to handle more complex projects. On the other hand, freelancers can be reliable workers who can provide good service.

Full-time employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the tasks of a moving company, such as loading and unloading special items. They can also provide reliable service over time.

3. Will You Survey the Home Before Giving a Written Estimate?

You want to hire a moving company that has experience in handling such a complex project. Having a good idea of the contents of your home helps a lot in estimating the work they will do for you.

4. Who Can I Contact with Concerns or Questions?

Ideally, you should be able to contact the company during weekends and nights to get the latest information about their services. If you cannot get in contact with customer service regarding your moving project, you may not be able to get the services you need.

5. Who Is in Charge of Overseeing the Move From Start To Finish?

When negotiating with the company’s salesman, make sure the person who will be managing your move is someone who will be there to oversee the details of the project. This person should be someone who will be able to coordinate with the other team members.

6. How Will My Belongings Be Moved?

You want to ensure the company you hire can remove the trash from your house once the move is completed. Usually, if the items you want to donate are still in the house, then ask them if they can deliver them to the designated donation center.

7. What Happens if Something Goes Missing or Gets Broken?

Before hiring a moving company, make sure you thoroughly understand their procedures and how they will handle the claims if an accident happens. Be sure you understand the replacement value of the damaged items. You also want to know how long it will take to receive the reimbursement. Some companies will take months, while others will send a check in the mail the same week.

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Finding the right moving company can be a stressful experience, but it can also be handled efficiently when you consider these tips. Doing so can help lower the stress and make the moving process easier.