7 Parenting Tips for New Parents

Hey there new parents!

You must have heard a thousand and one stories, myths and whatnot about parenting. You probably wonder if you are ready to begin this journey or how to have it all figured out. As you already know, there is no universal rule book that has all the answers to every parent’s question about the right or wrong way to groom kids.

Many parents come up with new parenting styles and methods. In contrast, some others stick to techniques handed down from generations before. Which are you?

You can be flexible with your parenting methods as time progresses and as your kids’ transition into different life phases. Nonetheless, there are some Holy Grail tips parents swear by for effective parenting that you should know too.

While the list is not exhaustive, here are seven tips that will make you win at parenting:

Parenting tips every great parent swears by

From regular advice you must have heard from older parents to funny advice for new parents that will leave you in tears (a happy one, though), here are seven great tips that will see you through every stage of parenthood:

  1. Sleep…sleep…sleep

The health and psychological benefits of sleep are underrated. As a new parent, it is easy to get sleep deprived due to nursing and parenting newborns.  Nonetheless, sleep is essential if you want to give your best and effectively care for your baby.  Take advantage of baby monitors and other technologies to make life easier for you as a new mom or dad and sleep whenever your baby sleeps or has a nap.

  • Each child is unique

Pay attention to your kids to know how to relate with them. Each child is unique with different personalities and should be treated as such. Do not compare your kids with one another or someone else. Instead, teach them to love their selves and work on their weaknesses.

  • Be there without being their shadow

A shadow always announces its presence and will never let you be.  Trust us when we say your kids will never like that, especially if they are teenagers or going through the young adult transition phase.   

They don’t want mom kissing them on the cheek in the presence of the football team and whatnot. So, learn to back out a bit when necessary, but always be ready to jump right back in when your baby needs you close.

  • Do not be  too quick to change to a new diaper

A list of parenting tips is not complete without some funny advice for new parents in the mix. So before changing a fresh diaper, wait a while to see if some more baby poop is on the way; else, you’d have to change like three diapers in a row. Then, of course, you can ask anyone who has been there, done that.

However, never let waste sit in your baby’s diapers for too long before changing to prevent rashes and discomfort.  

Bonus: never wear white when your little ones want to play, or you’d get some everlasting tiny handprints on your favorite white shirt free of charge.

  • Get expert help when necessary

As the saying goes, “No man is an island,” so you need to seek help when the occasion calls for it. Get nannies, caregivers, sitters, maids, nurses, cooks, and other professionals to help alleviate the workload, especially if you are parents who also have your careers and businesses going.

  • Just the right amount of baths

Unlike adults, newborns do not need baths every day. Bathing your newborn every day can cause dryness to their skin. Go for proper baths 2 to 3 times a week and a regular cleaning every other day. Also, give your babies sponge baths until their circumcision heals (if they are circumcised) and their umbilical cord falls off. 

  • Upgrade your hygiene

Children remain vulnerable to germs and diseases due to their weak immune systems. Prevent their chances of sickness and diseases by upgrading your own hygiene. Wash your hands regularly, eat and drink healthy, clean up properly, and likes.


Hey there new mom and new dad!

We want to let you know that you got this. Try not to be nervous or have your fears ruin your chances of being a great parent. No one is born with all the knowledge about great parenting. Like many other things, we never know how much we can excel at a skill until we take that leap of fate. So take that leap today with our curated list of tried and tested tips that guarantee you the best experience as a parent.