7 Kitchen Essentials That’ll Help You Prepare Delicious Meals At Your Home

Do you have everything you need to make delicious meals in your kitchen? Answering this is often difficult. Whether you have recently bought a house or upgraded to the older one, having smart cooking tools in your kitchen is essential for joyful cooking. However, deciding what you need is often difficult until you need an item during cooking.

Below is a list of some must-have kitchen essentials. Having them will ensure that you can concentrate on creating magic without worrying about not finding the right tools when needed.

1. Scale

A high-quality, accurate kitchen scale is the first thing you need to have in your kitchen. A scale helps you combine all the ingredients precisely to make perfect recipes.

You will find many modern kitchen scales in the market, each offering something unique. However, it does not mean buying a scale loaded with features. You have to choose the one that fulfills your needs.

The topmost factor you must consider when buying a scale is checking its precision and accuracy. Your scale might be loaded with additional features, but if it is not precise in its measurement, there is no point in having it in the kitchen. 

2. Cutting board

Cutting ingredients is the main part of making a recipe. Therefore, a high-quality flat cutting board is another must-have object in the kitchen. A cutting board ensures your kitchen top is free from ugly knife scratches. Also, you can cut everything in less time without harming your fingertips. 

You will find many types of cutting boards in the market. Some factors to consider are cutting space, cutting board use, storage space, etc. To know more about this, read a cutting board buying guide before buying a board for your kitchen. 

Wooden cutting boards are hard-wearing than plastic. They are more resistant to getting food stains or odors than plastic ones. Therefore, they are perfect for people who work with fresh ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger, etc. 

3. Kitchen knives

A kitchen is incomplete without knives in it. You must have multiple knives of the correct sizes and types. After all, you cannot use the same blade for dicing onions, cutting meat, or slicing through fruits.

If you have knives according to the job they are supposed to do, your meal prep time reduces considerably. Another aspect of knives is their sharpness. They should be sharp enough to slice through various items easily.

To avoid cutting your fingers with a sharp knife, get a high-quality knife set and practice your cutting skills. Once you know their use, cooking like a professional becomes easier.

4. Non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware has become a necessity for every kitchen these days. Non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking to the cookware’s surface. As a result, cleaning becomes easier. 

The most commonly used non-stick cookware is a frying pan. This versatile cookware can be used for making breakfast in the morning and sauteing vegetables in the evening. 

However, be careful about the maintenance and cleaning of non-stick pans. Never use an abrasive sponge when cleaning them. A hard sponge can leave permanent scratches on your pan’s surface, reducing its life considerably. 

Always buy a two-piece pan set so you can have a variety in cooking various ingredients at a time. 

5. Salad bowls

Preparing ingredients before cooking is a major step in the whole cooking process. You can keep all the uncooked ingredients in separate bowls and organize them neatly on the countertop. Doing this will spare you the effort of looking for and preparing ingredients in haste.

Having salad or ingredient prep bowls can solve your problem of keeping your cooking space organized and decluttered. At the same time, you will have all the ingredients in front of you, ready for use.

When buying salad or prepping bowls, don’t hesitate to spend on high-quality ones. Premium quality glass and plastic bowls are often oven-safe and can be cleaned in a dishwasher too. Also, buy a set that consists of many bowls of dissimilar sizes. They will help you prepare food in bulk.

6. Cooking pots and pans

Some items are more valuable than others in the world of cooking utensils. Cooking pots and pans are part of the utensils that amplify your cooking experience in the kitchen. You have to ensure you have the right cooking pots for each recipe. For instance, get a non-stick or glass lasagna dish if you make lasagna. Similarly, buy a ceramic cauldron for making soups that helps with slow cooking.

Size is an important consideration when buying cooking pots and pans. If you frequently make large quantities of food, make sure to have large pots and pans too. They‘ll help you cook in less time by preventing you from cooking in batches.

Some pots and pans you must have in the kitchen are the following:

  • Skillets
  • A large stockpot
  • Saucepan (medium, small)
  • Frying pan

7. Tongs and spatulas

Tongs and spatulas are often the most ignored kitchen utensils. But in fact, they help a lot in efficiently cooking food. Kitchen tongs and spatulas with silicon covering or tips help reduce wastage. They are soft, so they help you pour all the ingredients without leaving anything behind in the pots.

Kitchen tongs are vital when you cook with non-stick cookware. They prevent scratches, thereby increasing the life of your non-stick cookware.

Also, they are the most suitable when you cook delicate food such as fish and chicken or pull waffles out of the waffle maker.

Invest in a collection of good-quality silicone and wooden tongs and spatulas to help you create delicious magic in the kitchen.


Every cooking tool has unique uses, but some kitchen essentials are indispensable for cooking. The above article contains all the kitchen tools that are absolutely essential for working in a kitchen. You can make a similar list of your own, add a few more, and skip some off the list; it is up to you.

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