7 Home Exercises that Will Fix Your Butt Look

Let’s get moving people because those new trend bikinis won’t give us the dream butt look.

Achieving the final goal and having a great butt is not the easiest challenge you will face. Lots of sweat and thoughts about quitting will overflow your body and mind.

However, you need to go over that before you even start doing these exercises. If you are aware of what could possibly go right or wrong, you will be prepared and know how to act when that time comes.

Now, when we got that out of our system, it’s time to put the words into action.

The seven exercises you are going to see below are all done by the queen of good butt look.

You already know the person I’m talking about. This is Jen Selter and her amazing look. She has over 10 million followers on Instagram that share and love her achievements.

She is constantly sharing everything she does to make her butt look just like Picasso draw it.

The master itself is sharing a couple of exercises that will start you off on a journey of sweat, hard work, and amazing butt.

I’ll show you a video of every exercise after Jen’s pics.

Let’s start with this:

1. Squat Pulse


2. Squat Kick

3. Lunge Pulse

4. Squat Steps

5. Squat Together

6. Fire Hydrant

7. Chair Kickback

She is absolutely awesome. Her butt is perfect and you are on a great path doing the same thing.

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Source: Life Buzz

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