7 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Avid Fisherman in Your Life

The good thing about shopping for a fisherman is that there is a lot to choose from. Someone uneducated with fishing would think that all you need is a rod and some bait; however, we all know this simply isn’t true. Traps, rods, reels, swivels, and more are needed to be a successful fisherman. Even certain clothing can improve your chances of catching the big one.

1. Cast Net

Cast nets are something a lot of fishermen are missing from their tackle box. Most fishing nets are used to lift the fish out of the water to eliminate the chance of the line breaking once the fish leaves the water. This is a different type of net. Primarily used to catch baitfish, a cast net is much larger – sometimes reaching over 5 feet long.

2. Tackle Bag

Everyone knows what a tackle box is, but tackle bags are rising in popularity. It becomes harder to keep all your fishing equipment with you at all times with a simple box. A fisherman’s collection of lures and tackle is constantly growing, meaning the older he gets, the more storage space he will need. Online retailers will have a wide selection of tackle bags to choose from. Tackle bags vary in price and quality. You may even be able to find what you’re looking for in a normal brick-and-mortar location.

3. Fish Finder

Fish finding technology is getting better and better each year. Primarily used by ocean or lake fishermen, a fish finder gives the user a glimpse under the water. It allows them to find out where schools of fish are currently located at. Fish finders can even be used in large rivers. However, they are useless to a good fisherman who knows the territory he’ll be fishing at.

4. Hip Boots

A good hip boot can be expensive. It’s likely that your fisherman doesn’t have a good pair. The best type is 32 inches and will ride high up the thighs, keeping the wearer dry. Fishermen don’t merely like to wade out into the water to fish, sometimes it is necessary to get the right cast. A good pair of boots will make any fisherman’s trip more enjoyable.

5. Knives

Unlike a lot of high-quality knives, fishing knives can be pretty cost-effective. Unlike pocket knives, a good boning knife doesn’t have to be stylish. Sets of knives can even be purchased as a set for relatively cheap. A wide variety of knives is needed to properly bone and filet a fish. A fisherman will get a lot of use out of a full set.

6. Rod and Reel

Rods are situational tools. The same rod won’t be as effective everywhere. A fisherman will appreciate a new rod, no matter the style or type. Even if he doesn’t immediately use it, you can know it will eventually find a purpose. The same goes for reels. Fisherman can’t get enough of either.

7. A Variety of Tackle

Tackle is always a good investment. Packages of tackle can be purchased in large amounts. Some of it will be useful for him; some of it will not. However, you simply can’t go wrong buying tackle. Like rods and reels, they are very situational. Simply having a copious amount of different tackle in your box increases your chances of a good catch.