7 Hidden Benefits of Having Automatic Sliding Doors at a Store

Having automatic sliding doors at a store not only enhances the shopping experience but also provides important benefits to your business. Although you may have considered utilizing these doors because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance, there are many other reasons why they should be one of your top priorities.

1. Easy to Use and Maintain

The design of an automatic sliding door is far more convenient and easier to maintain than standard swinging doors. For example, these doors open with the simple touch of a button, which can be placed on the push bar for convenience. Additionally, it takes one person to operate an automatic sliding door, while two or more people are typically needed for a swinging door.

2. Provide Better Security for Your Store

Even though an automatic sliding door may seem like a simple convenience, they provide enhanced security by preventing unauthorized entry. There are two main components that make it difficult for potential thieves to enter your store without triggering the alarm: adjustable infra-red beam sensors and electric eyes. If any of these safety measures are accidentally triggered, the alarm will sound, notifying you of any potential theft attempts.

3. Enhances the Shopping Experience

The mere sight of automatic sliding doors can bring a sense of delight to customers. The effortless movement of the doors is typically what makes people smile, but it can also serve as a psychological reminder that an enjoyable shopping experience awaits them inside.

4. Increase Accessibility for Customers with Disabilities

Many automatic sliding doors are equipped with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compatible features, making it easy for individuals with disabilities to enter your store with ease. If you have not yet installed automatic sliding doors, you should strongly consider doing so because of the convenience they provide to those who struggle with standard swinging doors.

5. Energy Saving

Installing automatic sliding doors at the entrance of your store will save you money because they require less energy to operate. The energy-efficient design prevents potential heat loss before entering the building, which also helps to eliminate excess heating or cooling costs for your business.

6. Eases Traffic Flow

Having automatic sliding doors helps to evenly distribute incoming and outgoing traffic, making it easier for customers to find available cashiers. The convenience of the push bar can be found on both sides of the door, making it possible for pedestrians to enter from either direction without obstructions.

8. They are Hygienic

While automatic sliding doors may not completely prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, they do provide a general sense of cleanliness and hygiene which can benefit your business. When pedestrians open and close swinging doors by touching the handle with their hands or elbows, germs can transfer from one surface to another. However, automatic sliding doors are typically designed with push bars, making it impossible for germs to be transmitted from person to person.

If you have not yet chosen automatic sliding doors for your business, you should consider the many hidden benefits of installing them at your place of business. Anyone who enters your establishment will appreciate the convenience they provide, while you can benefit from their overall appearance and security.