7 Healthy Habits To Improve Your Productivity

What comes to your mind when thinking of how to subdue the distractions that surround us every day. Is it meditation, coffee, or nicotine, or employing the 80%-20% rule? Whichever way you choose, excessive amounts of coffee won’t help, though. However, habits such as organizing yourself in the morning, meditating, tackling the hardest things first, hydrotherapy, drinking tea instead of coffee, etc., will help a lot. There are several tea shops with healthy teas; you will do well to check out at So, what seven habits can help to improve your productivity asides drinking healthy tea? Come on, let’s explore them together.  


Meditating involves a lot of focusing the mind over some time in silence as a method of relaxation. Now, there’s no shortage of information on how to approach meditation online. There are different approaches, but the benefits remain the same. When we meditate, we undoubtedly improve our productivity, memories, make better decisions, the mind becomes calmer, and less cluttered and anxiety levels are reduced. Researchers have credited meditation to practically and physically change during meditation. This is so because, during this meditation process, the brain is focused and less distracted, thus opening the door for multi-tasking and ultimately becoming a top performer.

Create Clarity

When you wake up in the morning, and your schedule is undefined, you will lose sight of what to do, mainly for that day. Then the mind automatically begins to make its plan – easier, less critical and, less focused plans. Therefore, to be productive every day, define what you are to do specifically for a day with at most five goals to achieve in a day. Define the most important ones and face them first, then the others can come later. Be specific about it and focus on it until they are done. When you fail to do this, procrastination sets in, and you will relegate your essential goals to the background while focusing on the less important ones.

Develop and Follow a Morning Routine

It would be a cliche to state that the most productive time of the day for most is in the morning. It is best to develop and maintain a morning routine that puts you in a ‘state’ of work. This fights the lousy, lack of motivation, and the morning, which usually translates to an unproductive day. This morning routine could include exercise, reading a book, looking at your long term goals, and setting your daily goals. The provides clarity, motivation, and energy to start and finish what you started resulting in a productive day.

Drink Tea

Do you know that one of the healthiest and natural ways to improve your productivity is through drinking tea? Yes. Drinking healthy tea can make you productive. Think of herbal teas that are made explicitly for inducing good night’s sleep because of their mildly sedative nature. Others are just comforting with flavor and naturally contain no caffeine. They are the best alternative to caffeine, coffee, and sugary drinks. Teas are calming and relieving, relaxing and can ensure better meditation and peaceful all-night sleep. Waking up to a served tea can be the best feeling because of their soothing aromas, making them the perfect herbal remedies for anxiety and natural alternative to stress relief and sleep medication. It is proven that a good night’s sleep often results in an energized morning and extensively – productive day. So instead of drinking coffee, opt for tea. The good thing is they are very available online such as on Amazon, Buddha Teas, TeaBox, The Tea Spot, etc., are some of the online shops where you can buy these teas.


Leave Your Smart-phone

Lots of people struggle with this. Many things are dragging our attention that we tend to forget the more important things we are supposed to accomplish. The smartphone is a one-stop-shop where apps are designed to grab our attention and keep us addicted. It is sensible to put your phone away to maintain your focus for the hours you are at work. When you are on high priority tasks, put it away. The emails, texts, social media, etc., kill your ability to focus. If you want to be productive, leave the number, one productivity killer, out of sight.

Plan For the Next Day

We have talked about making the most out of your morning. However, to get the best out of the day, plan your next day on the night before the next day. How? Go through the calendar and note the deadlines, appointments, and what you intend to accomplish. Then, ensure what you need to make your next day is easy and already in place. Then you can refer to the tea point above and set up yourself for some sleep success by sipping tea.


This simple necessity is usually overlooked. For productivity, the body and brain need fuel. We might be engrossed with work that we grab just the nearest junk to pass down our throat. But that is not the best practice if you want to be productive. In the long run, you might break down. To avoid this trap, eat a snack as often as possible and eat a complete nourishing meal to keep you productive all through the day. Never forget that food is an important part of the daily routine.

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