7 Fun Pranks to Play on Your Family

As a mom, you are never too old to play pranks. Everybody enjoys occasional rib cracking or mischief making so you are not out of line if you let your inner child runs free. Whenever you find your home too boring or need to make a day more special, it is time to try a cunning prank idea on your loved one. As long as your pranks are hilarious to the victim, you will be fine.

It can be challenging to come up with your own prank on demand. Here, we have collected some funny pranks to surprise and amuse your family with.

1. Erupting Coke Bottle

This is a good prank to play on your family and take them unaware. You need a dental floss, mentos and a coke bottle for this to work.

Open a coke bottle and attach the mentos to the inside of a bottle cap using a dental floss.

Then set down the bottle or hand it to the victim. As they unscrew the cap, the mentos will drop into the coke and cause a massive eruption. This prank works best with diet cola as it produces more geyser from similar condition.

You can expect a confused look on your target’s face as they struggle to contain the gushing coke. The key is not to give yourself away quickly.

More pranks like these are available from Rebecca Zamollo’s 4 hour Challenge fun videos.

2. Induce a Funny Taste

An harmless prank to try at home with easy to find materials. This should be done while having a discussion with the target while they sip water or soda. Notice their sipping intervals and keep the prank materials close.

Quickly add drops of lemon juice, vinegar or salt into their water, then watch your kid or partner’s reaction as they take another sip.

You will be responsible for the distorted faces that follows since they would think the water is bad. You may act a good villain and help them solve the mysterious change in taste.

3. Shoe Size Reduction

Insert a napkin or sock inside the front part of your victim’s shoe. Stay close to see them battle to fit their leg in. When satisfied, offer to help out. Remove the cloth filling and flee the scene laughing. This prank is known to attract reverse pranks, so watch out for your turn.

4. Flip Computer Screen

If your spouse, kid or parent share a home PC running windows, you can set up this prank easily. When they are using the PC, trick them away from it with a request. While they are away, right click on the desktop and choose display settings or screen resolution. Now change the orientation from “landscape” to “landscape flipped”. Move away from the computer and watch their reaction from distance.

Congrats! You have successfully confused the poor victim. Don’t forget to revert the settings. This prank will be more effective if you have no computer whiz at home.

5. Block Remote Sensors

In some homes, there is a constant battle for cable TV remote control among the kids because of the power that comes with it. This is even more common if your kids have different preference for programs.

First, block the remote sensor with a transparent tape or one that matches the remote’s color.

Let kids rush to get the remote as usual. The next minutes will be followed by rapid button punches with no effect. Frustration may set in as the “winner” can’t choose their favorite channel with all eyes on them.

The excitement from holding the remote will gradually dissipate from the victim’s face. They might slap the remote, turn it around, and check the battery all to no avail.

For maximum satisfaction, encourage them to try harder. When you are done with your evil grins offer to help. Then remove the tape with your magical hands.

6. Colored Water Hoax

With this prank, you can turn running water to black or any color you want.

All you need is a food coloring dye. Apply the dye inside the kitchen faucet. The first person to use the faucet will be terrified at the sight of black or blood water as the case may be.

To take the joke further, drink a cup of the “contaminated” water before you reveal the secret.

7.   Jumping Snake

This prank can be scary so it is suitable only for grown up children and adults. Buy a rubber snake that looks like the real one. You also need a fishing line.

Tie the fishing line around the snake’s head and attach the other end to the top of the door or handle.

You should leave the crime scene after everything is set. When your kid or partner opens their room’s door, the snake will jump out at them.

There are two common reactions to this prank. The victim might run back into the room screaming for help a brave soul will attempt to  smash the snake’s head with no success. One thing is sure, you have a lot of explaining to do.

The goofy and fun tricks described above can be used for special occasions or to liven up a dull atmosphere. Just make sure the mood is right and you will have a lot of hilarious stories to share with friends and relatives later. It’s okay to catch fun but  you may one day become a target of prank.

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