7 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need To Be Using!

The swiftclean company takes their job seriously in the field of teaching cleaning tips online and running a cleaning company. They can, therefore, be termed as professionals due to a high experience in their work. SwiftClean is always willing to share there pro secrets and tips which will guide individuals to clean effectively and quickly. Below are 7 expert cleaning tips you need to be using:

1. Top to bottom, and Left to Right

It is advisable that an individual employs the technique of cleaning from left to right, or top to bottom. If you ignore to employ this tip in your cleaning to clean fast, you’ll not be effective in your cleaning.

The main aim of using the top to bottom technique is because dust will automatically fall from top to bottom as you are perfecting your cleaning. This brings the main idea of beginning from the top and working towards your bottom.

When it comes to the part of the right to left or left to right, you should be consistent. This technique is effective because it makes you aim at all the sections or spots. Each section and corner of your room will be effectively cleaned due to consistent work.

2. Dwell time

In some Television adverts, you’ll see them applying a product then instantly wiping it away. This is not the right way to spray your product because the product requires some time to remove any dust or dirt effectively. This is one of the major cleaning processes which individuals should need to employ in their cleaning process. Dwell time has two purposes:

  • Effective cleaning: some products will only be effective when they take sometimes.
  • Effective disinfecting: Products which contain disinfectants should rest for five to ten minutes to eliminate all the bacteria.

3. Start Gentle

Begin your cleaning with the safest and most gentle product as you work your way up. This technique is crucial for individuals with pets, children, allergies or asthma. An individual should not focus on the super Strong product due to many side effects to their health and pets health. Environmental friendly products are gentle, effective, efficient and safe.

4. The Eye Level Test

Some petty issues in let say business would affect the business in the future. After you clean any surface take your time to see it at an eye level to make sure that you missed nothing in your entire cleaning. This technique helps you to identify dirt with no time. This method should be more applicable to horizontal surfaces.

5. The “S” pattern

If you employ a circular motion in cleaning, you will, therefore, leave some sections uncleaned due to placing dirt at the same location or near the area. The circular motion technique is not effective because you’ll take more time to clean as well as clean harder. It is therefore advisable for cleaners to employ the S pattern to do their cleaning to perfection.

6. Have Needed items with you

If you are about to start cleaning, consider collecting all the needed items to minimize the back and forth movement. This type of movement wastes a lot of time that should be utilized in cleaning. An individual should strategize the cleaning to minimize time wastage. All cleaning items should be placed in the middle space of the room to be cleaned or a cleaning caddy. This helps an individual to clean effectively and efficiently.

7. Perpendicular and Parallel

An individual should find his or her items, declutter them together and align them up to the edge if the area or surface that it is sitting on, either perpendicular or parallel to the edge. This tip will help you have clean, straight lines, which will be pleasing. This technique will give a professional finish.

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