7 Exercises for a Ballerina Body

There’s quite a lot said about the benefits of training on the basis of dance movements. For example, the most famous Bar Method allows you to move to a new level in your work on the body. It is ideal for both professionals and those who can’t really dance yet, but really wants a real dancer’s body.

Today we will consider several exercises that will help you to build a graceful shape.

1. Hands

Make your arms thin and graceful with this 15-minute workout from world-famous ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. At first glance, it will seem easy to you, but once you start working out, you’ll be amazed by its intensity. After about 8 minutes you will feel the tension in your arms which will last the rest of the training.

Try and see for yourself!

2. Lower Body. The Autumn Calabrese Program

Build a real ballerina body with the trainer and creator of the “21 Day Fix” fitness program, Autumn Calabrese. I adore Autumn’s approach – her workouts make you leave the comfort zone and discover something new.

3. Core

Do you want a raised and tightened core? Do these isolation exercises with ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. This small amplitude of movements will challenge you! In addition, with this ab workout, you will strengthen your core muscles.

4. Stretching

To make your body more flexible, perform the following stretch insolation exercises. If any of them seem too complicated, do only what you can. Just keep your body position and try to stretch as far as possible.

5. New York City Ballet

You will need just under an hour per day to complete this program from the New York City Ballet. The more often you do the exercises, the easier they will seem to you and the more grace you will have in your body curves.


6. Cardio

This 45-minute cardio workout is perfect for challenging your body and unleash a dancer in you. You’ll learn to dance while strengthening your muscles.

7. Ballet Barre Workout

To get in perfect shape, follow this energetic program based on dance movements imitation.

15 minutes, and you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!  Barre workout regularly to achieve maximum results. For this workout you should use

For an effective correction it is necessary to stick to the rules:

  • Practice regularly, ideally for at least 20 minutes every day;
  • Do not workout until 2 hours after eating. You can do your exercises on an empty stomach in the morning;
  • Maintain a moderately fast pace until the heart rate accelerates noticeably;
  • Have a snack in one hour after working out;
  • Reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates;
  • Eliminate all products containing sugar and wheat flour;
  • Increase the number of proteins – 50% of the food should be fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now that you have become acquainted with the exercises to build a graceful body of a real ballerina, are you ready to challenge yourself?

Hurry up and start training!

These programs are sure to help you stay healthy and fit at all times.

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