7 Effective Burpee Variations That Will Transform Your Body

If you are in search of something more extreme, the burpee variations will sweat that fat out and leave you on the verge of exhaustion.

The best thing about it is that you are going to feel that relief when you finish with the exercises. The relief because it’s finally over and your body is getting tighter and tighter every day.

There is a reason why people hate the burpee variations. It’s one of those exercises that requires the most of you as it gets all the results.

Most of the personal trainers wrap up the session with a couple of burpees just to boost the metabolism of their clients. This is when most of those clients hate their personal trainer.

Those same people will come a couple of days later and tell him how they feel better about themselves.

I can tell you the benefits of these effective burpee variations, but you should experience them by yourself. I’ll just inform you that if you want to have a healthy heart rate and burn calories faster than ever, the following seven burpee exercises will get you there.

Are you ready to sweat out?

Here we go:

Push-Up Jack Burpee

Spiderman Burpee

Single-Leg Push-Up Burpee

Mountain-Climber Burpee

Side-Plank Burpee

Power Push-Up Burpee

Don’t forget to finish up this power push up with a Burpee

Kung Fu Burpee

For the best results, you need to follow a simple regime. For every exercise, you need to do three sets of 45-seconds of burpees. Do as much as you can for this period.

After every set, take a 30-second break. After every exercise, take a 1 or 1:30-minute break.

There you have it. Start right now for the best results tomorrow. It’s not the easiest exercise you’ve done, but it will give you incredible results.

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