7 Crystals Perfect for Easing Anxiety

A growing number of Americans are turning to complementary and alternative medicine, such as yoga, acupuncture, and healing crystals, to support their overall well-being. In particular, crystals are said to promote the flow of good energy while removing negative energy from your mind and body, which can provide both physical and emotional benefits. This idea is connected to the philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism and has no scientific evidence to support the claim.

Still, many people are drawn by the stones’ captivating appearances and healing impact. The belief in the healing capabilities of crystals is similar to the physiological effects of meditation and prayer. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a person’s intention can influence their physical health. Also, the comfort their faith brings is valuable in their wellness alongside medicinal practices. 

There are different crystals, each one dedicated to heal or support your well-being. Some of these also promise to relieve anxiety. You might have heard about them, but just in case you haven’t, here are some crystals that can help you when you feel anxious.  


Recognizable for its beautiful blue hue, this crystal is known to attract peace, prosperity, and happiness. While the stone is sought for its purifying and detoxifying properties, some people believe it can help open the mind to be more intuitive and accepting of beauty. A sapphire can help relax the mind and improve focus, which is why it is often referred to as the wisdom stone. Also, it is used to prevent unwanted thoughts and overthinking. The stone is claimed to support physical health in helping heal eye issues and blood disorders. It is also used to ease anxiety, depression, and insomnia. So, placing it by your bedside is a good idea to help you sleep better.

Tiger’s Eye

Historically, ancient Egyptians used this crystal in amulets or to make talismans because they believe it can help them channel the power of the sun god Ra. It is known to promote courage and keeping negative self-talk at bay. This golden stone is a popular choice to give yourself a motivation boost and is said to eliminate fear and self-doubt, as well as easing anxiety. For these reasons, a tiger’s eye is a good crystal to give as a gift to someone who is looking to get ahead in their career. It can also promote harmony and balance, helping you make clear, conscious choices.

Black Tourmaline

This black crystal is said to lift your mood, improve circulation, reduce bloating, and support a healthy immune system. Many people use black tourmaline for protection, especially against negative energy. It is also used to reduce anxiety and stress, which is why it is popular in blocking negative energy in the workplace. You might want to keep some black tourmaline in your office drawer to help you deal with tough days. Keep it near you or hold it to reflect bad energy.


This crystal has a lovely purple color and is said to help cleanse the blood, improve hormone production, and reduce stress. While it is said that amethyst has purifying, healing, and protective properties, some people claim it can promote spiritual wisdom and can help remove negative thoughts from the mind. It is also known to support sobriety, making amethyst accessories great gifts to give to people in recovery. If you know someone who has entered a treatment facility or a drug rehab Phoenix residents go to, then they will appreciate the trinket because it can serve as a reminder that you support their decision to get better. It might even bring them comfort during challenging times.  


This appealing blue crystal is known to help raise your spiritual awareness and the connection to your higher self. It is said to help keep the thyroid gland healthy and remove infections related to the throat. Angelite promotes balance in your mind and body, making it effective in flushing out any feeling of anger, resentment, and anxiety. Adding Angelite anywhere in your home can help create a calm and peaceful environment.


Many people believe selenite has powerful healing properties. It is said to clear blocked energy, provide clarity, and increase positive energy. Also, this stone promotes peace and calmness, making it effective in reducing anxiety. This can also make selenite useful in situations or environments when you need to restore peace and support camaraderie. If you have trouble sleeping, you can place this crystal by your bedside to help calm your nerves and improve your dreams.


This crystal has a lavender color and allows positivity to enter your mind. It is said to help manage stress and anxiety, as well as ease your mind from worries. Lepidolite promotes a tranquil and serene environment, which can aid your sleep. You can take advantage of the stone’s calming effect by placing it in your bedroom, either on your nightstand or under your bed, to support restful sleep.

Using Crystals

There are different ways you can use crystals in your daily life. To make sure you always have access to their healing abilities, you can use them as pieces of jewelry or home decorations. As jewelry, you can make the most out of the crystals’ positive energy since they are near or in contact with your skin. This will ensure you the most benefits anywhere you go. If you are not a fan of wearing jewelry, you can place your crystals in a small travel pouch, so you can easily get them and hold onto them when you feel stressed or need to get rid of negative energy.

As home decorations, crystals can influence the energy in a room. You can place them on your desk, bookshelves, or nightstand. Some people like to spread several crystals around their home, while others position their healing stones in specific areas like their bedroom or home office. If you use crystals in mediation, you can hold, wear, or place them near you. Allow the crystal to help improve the energy flow in your mind and body.

Caring for Your Crystals

Keep in mind that you need to take good care of your crystals. Remember to cleanse them between uses or when you bring them home to get rid of the negative energies they have absorbed. The simplest way to cleanse your crystals is to run them under room temperature water. You can also add some sea salt to the water solution or burn sage to remove unwanted energy.  

There are no known disadvantages in using crystals to ease anxiety or improve your well-being, which is why many people continue to believe in their healing qualities. Also, there’s no denying the beauty that these crystals hold. Just remember that using healing crystals shouldn’t replace your medical treatments. It’s still best to consult your physician when you’re feeling ill or feeling under the weather. 

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