7 Best Ways To Treat Yourself

Although every woman dreams of her knight in shining armor, we shouldn’t rely on others for our happiness. In the end, it’s the 21st century, and we should be self-sufficient! (not that I mind cuddling and watching movies with my significant other).

Finding time for yourself is the best way to eliminate the stress that accumulates over the work week. In the end, as much as I love my job, it sometimes feels punishing. Unfortunately, the same can be said for my kids.

Over the years, I’ve developed a few routines that help me unwind whenever I’m in a bad place. Today, I’ve decided to share them with all you stressed working girls. Here are the 7 best ways to treat yourself and take a breather.

1. Take a spa day

There are only a handful of things in life better than a visit to a local beauty salon. So, if you feel scruffy, you should definitely visit your hairdresser and masseuse. As I like to say, when you look good, you feel good. It’s a tried and true formula that works for all women.

However, choosing the right spa isn’t always easy. I often feel like asking for a refund after a lousy procedure. If you live in the same neighborhood as me, I recommend checking out Ciel Spa salon services. In my opinion, this is one of the best spas in Beverly Hills and LA.

2. Make small purchases

We girls often go overboard with expensive outfits and jewelry, and I’m the first one to admit my shopaholic sins. Buying a beautiful dress feels incredible, even though it can become a major burden on the budget after a while.

So, what’s the solution? Well, I would recommend that you only focus on small purchases. Buy trinkets that look good but aren’t necessarily expensive. That way, you’ll scratch the itch without punishing your wallet. You’ll feel great without suffering the guilt afterward.

3. Embrace the bed

Sometimes, the only way to truly relax is by staying in bed. Although I’m an outgoing person who’s always looking forward to field trips, there are situations when I just want to immerse myself in the pillows.

Start by unplugging the phone. We are so used to these small hellish devices constantly checking what’s going on social media. Remove yourself from all the hustle and bustle, and give yourself a breather. Even if you get bored, and you probably will, just try stay in bed. In my experience, this is the best way to eliminate stress.

4. Turn to flowers

You simply can’t go wrong with plants. Place flowers in every room, converting your home into a small shrine. You might not know this, but flowers have a massive positive impact on our mental health. According to several studies, people who live surrounded by them tend to live much longer and are generally happier.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also smell fantastic.

5. Breakfast in bed

Whenever I’m having a bad day or a week, I ask my husband to make me breakfast in bed. It’s a small routine that makes me feel fantastic. Furthermore, if this is your free day, it will make everything else that much more enjoyable.

Alternatively, some women prefer to start their day with just a cup of coffee. Be as lazy as possible, and try not to move a muscle. If you don’t have any choirs, let your mind go blank and live for the moment.

6. Cheat day

As absurd as this might sound, most people forget that you need to feel free on your free days. In other words, you should scrape all the rules you live by during the work week. A good example of this is having a cheat day.

Although I’m not a big fan of junk food and sweets, there are some days when you simply have to go crazy. There’s nothing better than experiencing a sugar rush when you’re feeling down. Although it’s just a temporary solution, it still feels amazing.

7. Spend time with animals

Animals have a very similar effect on humans as flowers. For example, having a dog can significantly improve your life expectancy while making you happier. Most notably, cuddling with animals can reduce cortisol levels, which is the hormone that causes stress.

Our family has a dog, and I simply cannot imagine my life without him. Whenever I’m down, he senses the change in the mood and comes to cuddle.

If you don’t have an animal in your household, I suggest that you visit someone who has. That way, you can chill with friends and cuddle with their pet. It’s a win-win situation!