7 Awesome Ways to Make Your Home Smell Perfectly

I was with my friends the other night, and we started talking about natural ways of making our home smell beautiful.

This got me interested because I was using homemade scents and the aroma is spectacular.

Somehow I got used too much to these scents, and I don’t notice them anymore.

It’s like my home smells like that and there is nothing new or more to that.

In other words, I got bored my home to have the same or slightly different smell.

My research for my new wave of homemade scents gave birth to amazing natural ways of how to make your home smell entirely.

Believe me; you are not going to expect many of them.

7 Awesome Ways to Make Your Home Smell Perfectly

Let’s go:

#1: Stove Simmer

All you need to do is bring water to boil. Add some citrus slices and herbs in there and smell the magic.

The heat will help all beautiful scents spread around your house.

It’s an amazing trick for the next family gathering.

#2: Clean your garbage disposal

The garbage disposal might be the reason for that unpleasant odor in your house.

It’s not just taking out the trash. The disposal probably absorbed the smell, and now it messes with your house.

Clean the garbage disposal and bring the other natural scents in your home.

#3: Candle Strategy

You don’t have to light the candles for them to smell great and refresh the area. Put them everywhere you thin the strange odor could kill the natural scent in your home.

#4: Bring the Nature In

Indoor plants will clear the air and release beautiful scents that will fill up your home with a pleasant surprise.

#5: Air Vents Scent

You know how our husbands put a refreshing deodorant in the car’s air conditioner? – Well, you can do the same thing in the vents of your home.

As the air blows through the vent, the scent will do its magic.

#6: The Oven

The aroma of baked goods brings the whole neighborhood together. A simple cinnamon rolls recipe will fulfill your house with a natural smell.

Plus, your kids and husband will become hungry as soon as they enter the door.

#7: Dryer Sheets

This one is for your clothes. If you are tired of the “old smell” that mostly comes from the closet itself, it’s time to use the dryer sheets.

Place them everywhere, and the clothes will have an amazing and fresh scent.

There you have it. This is how you make your home to smell amazing.

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Source: Dr. Oz the Good life

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