7 Amazing Ways Instagram Has Transformed Our Lives

Instagram started as a photo-sharing social media platform, and it has grown from strength to strength in recent years to become disruptive to many industries. Instagram is business today, and it has influenced the lives of people in more ways than one. We go crazy for the likes and comments on our posts. We are interested to see what someone likes on Instagram before we could understand that Instagram is impacting our lives significantly.

Talking about the impact on our lifestyle, let us find out seven amazing transformations brought about by Instagram.

  1. The standards of beauty have changed significantly. Earlier beauty brands would influence people with their advertisements through televisions or print media. Now influencers have started their channels and showing different shades of beauty. Some Insta channels are continuing to promote the image of flawless beauty by using lots of makeup. Other influencers are also showing their flaws. Now pimples are no longer a no-no in beauty. Plus-size is also getting accepted widely. Instagram has made people open up to imperfections in beauty, making them beautiful.
  1. Travel and tourism have changed forever. People have access to diverse and varied content from many people. Planning a trip is super easy now, thanks to all the information and photographs shared on Instagram. The traveling trends are also being identified from Instagram as people often flock to a particular destination to click images of themselves at that location for Instagram posts.
  1. Still-life images have grown on Instagram, and they are laid flat in many of the shots. The flat-lay style has gained massive traction. #flatlay can return a considerable number of results. Photographers who do product photography have learned this and adopted it fast. 
  1. Food trends have transformed, thanks to Instagram. New trends are developing as far as food is concerned on Instagram. Plates in vivid colors, decors that were not common to restaurants earlier, and even the food have transformed significantly. Matcha Lattes or Charcoal-activated croissants are highlights today on Instagram.
  1. Instagram has become a platform to create brands all by itself. Some of the early birds to the social media platform were quick to understand the potential of Instagram and bypassed traditional marketing and advertisement. They created brand stories that went viral. The flooding of posts in an organic way helped them achieve viewership at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. These companies became brands thanks to Instagram.
  1. Instagram became a powerful tool for activism, thanks to its global reach and visual quotient. The images shared on the platform became a tool for telling stories. Influencers and celebrities used this tool to voice their opinion in favor of various pressing issues and drove activism to new heights. 
  1. Blogging has boomed. Blogging was already in vogue when Instagram started its journey, but the simple nature of Instagram made it possible for bloggers to give short updates with a catchy image that helped create a new breed of influencers. 

Instagram has indeed transformed our lives, but the transformation goes beyond these seven ways only.