6 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Home maintenance is a constant and troublesome task, it is not only for interior but for exterior as well. Keeping the outer in shape can also help with some interior issues like moisture damage or so. Here are 6 main ways you can care for your home’s outer issues:

Check Out the Roof:

Roofs tend to be long-lasting, but they should require at least an annual clean-up. Any defect or imperfection can lead to moisture, rot, or pests bothering your roof. If within reach, you can occasionally remove the dirt, moss, or grime. For inspecting, binoculars can be of great benefit, once you detect some damages or cracks, you can repair them yourself or get some professional help. The last resort would be to get the roof replaced.

Maintenance with Gutters and Window Wells:

Leaves, seeds, petals, debris etc. can all contribute to clogging your gutters and window wells. Without proper care, they can lead to overflow, mold, pest infesting, or even flood. Clearing these up will help with rainwater drainage systems in your house. Should you have nearby trees or debris, it is best if you practice this twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. If you see any leaks of water, you had better get those gutters sealed.

Landscape Trimming and Clearing up:

It is of top priority to cut back the landscape to keep them look good and protect the siding surfaces as well. Any shrubs or plants in close distance with the walls or house sides should be taken great care of. Small as this task may seem, it helps prevent peeling paints, scratches or moisture damages. Dead leaves can kill grass, so you can just simply rake them from your grass and let them stay there long enough. With flower or plant beds, it is advisable to add mulch to them for reducing weeds and retaining water. Read about how to care for your lawn to do the task properly. 

Keep the Siding Clean and Damage-Free:

Whatever kind of siding you have got, soapy water and brush are just what you need for keeping it clean. Any possible cracks or damages should be noted and solved in time, or else moisture, pest invasion, and rot can kill your siding. Caulking around joints, windows or doors should be checked as well. On average, the siding should be cleaned twice a year, but some special materials require different schedules, like wood.

Up-keeping Pathway and Ratio:

Lots of things deteriorate in quality over time, these are inevitably proofing of that. Weather and temperature changes can cause damages to the materials. You then have to get them repaired or even renewed. Therefore, you can delay that time by pressure washing at least once a year, this technique can be applied for decking, exterior walls, fences, or driveway as well.

Foundation Maintenance:

The foundation needs as much care as the roof. You should look out for any leaks or cracks on the ground and keep it in shape all the time. Read about concrete crack filler here to repair those cracks and surfaces and make them shine again. Additionally, you need to maintain the temperature of the soil around the house, also make sure trees are not interfering with your basement, and ensure the drainage system keeps the house against moisture as well.

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