6 Truths to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Even if you have been in a fulfilling relationship for some time, one which consistently brings satisfaction and leaves you planning for a long future together, there is a word to avoid. Complacency. Wherever you happened to meet your partner, in a social situation or on a popular dating site like this, maintaining a partnership is an ongoing process. If you want to avoid issues further down the line, you need to keep an open mind and be prepared to work at your connection. Here are six truths which will help guarantee the health of your relationship.

Make up, not flare up

A lot of arguments ignite around flashpoints, where disagreements are allowed to get blown out of all proportion. In order to lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship, it would be good to try recognizing these moments before they transpire. It can be difficult to second-guess how a partner is going to react, but be aware of your own shortcomings. If you feel your temper rising, rather than letting anything escalate, learn to put compromise before pride.

Find time for each other

The perfect antidote to complacency is to set aside time for you and your partner to focus on yourselves as a united front. If you have spent the day apart, working, studying or whatever, ensure you touch base at some point. Whether this is over a coffee or a couple of glasses of wine, the important thing is the connection which you are preserving as you relate the daily highs (or lows) you have experienced.

If things need to change, start with yourself

One major issue with friction is unless discord is nipped in the bud, negativity may simmer for some time, festering like a slow leak. There is not much you can do to anticipate the behavior of your partner, but you can change aspects of yourself. It is so important to recognize your own shortcomings and be able to make appropriate adjustments. No one can be expected to be able to alter their entire personality, but you can certainly make subtle improvements, especially to the way you react to areas of potential conflict.

Maintain open lines of communication

No relationship is ever going to run the course if the parties keep secrets. There must always be open channels of communication, covering every aspect of your lives, from trivial misgivings to far more deep-rooted issues. If you have the confidence to broach any subject with your partner, not only will it enhance the prospect of a successful resolution, the trust you develop will go a long way towards bringing you even closer as a couple.

Make occasions special

One thing which will definitely ensure your relationship remains in a healthy place is making each other feel appreciated. The opposite end of this scale is that c-word again – complacency. This arises when you reach the stage where you may have found yourself comfortable and relaxed in your relationship, but this come at the expense of spontaneity and excitement. Whenever special occasions arise, go out of your way to spring a surprise gift. Watching your partner’s face light up when you present unanticipated tickets to see their favorite band will also give you an intense sense of satisfaction.

Healthy relationships need constant nurturing

Finally, it is worth reiterating healthy relationships need to be tended constantly. An apt metaphor would be comparing the situation to running a car. Unforeseen circumstances can cause friction, even breakdowns, at any moment. It is only by regular maintenance and systematic overhauling of all the components that a smooth and satisfying operation is guaranteed!

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