6 Tips To Maintain Your Mini Travel Trailer

Nothing can be better than enjoying the holidays with your family. You can explore new terrains and enjoy more quality time with one another. There are so many elements that make your trip memorable, and if you want to have more fun, opt for a mini travel trailer.

When you wish to spend time in the woods, the most suitable option to choose is a mini trailer. It gives you comfort, privacy, and all the facilities needed to make your trip special. You could tow your trailer behind your vehicle and keep all your necessities like food and gadgets in it.

However, to keep your journey smooth, you have to care for the maintenance of the travel trailer. Without timely maintenance, your trailer might not remain as efficient. These effective techniques can keep your trailer in shape for a longer period.

Perform Routine Checks

The first step in maintaining your trailer is to inspect it every week or month. Since you take your trailer through rough terrains, it might have loose screws or nuts. There could be leakages or loose rubbers which can cause problems later on. So, check your trailer thoroughly.

Whether you have the Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S or any other mini trailer, it needs to be checked. If you don’t inspect the body of your trailer, you will never know about hidden cracks and damages.

Finding problems beforehand allows you to fix them in time. These routine checks keep you and your vehicle safe.

Wash the Trailer in Depth

A good way of maintaining your trailer is by washing it regularly. The cleaner you keep your car, the longer lifespan it will have. So, don’t ignore the needs of your vehicle. You could clean the trailer with the help of your family or go to a cleaning station.

When you plan to wash your trailer yourself, use the right tools and water pressure. For example, using a soft-bristled brush for cleaning the exterior is the best option. It protects the trailer body from being scratched or damaged.

Similarly, using quality soaps and mild chemical cleaners can help keep your trailer clean and safe. Don’t use anything too harsh because it can damage the paint of your trailer.

Take Care of the Interior

The interior of your trailer is as important as the exterior and must be cared for. You will spend a great deal of time within your trailer, so the interior must be up to date. Your trailer will have storage units, beds, a kitchen, and other necessities. All these things need cleaning.

Living in unhygienic conditions can adversely impact your health. Keeping the trailer clean isn’t a tiring task. The best part is you can even work with the same economical equipment you use in your home. Conventional cleaning products used in your home will do just fine. 

Moreover, vacuum and dust every corner of your trailer. Dust and allergens can accumulate in any place. Keeping a tight check is mandatory.

Protect the Roof

The roof of your trailer faces extreme conditions. Standing too long in the sun or experiencing massive hailstorms can cause significant damage to your RV’s roof. So opting for preventive maintenance is a must.

You could go for a strong roofing option that prevents leakages and dents. Often parking near trees could also lead to the roof getting scratched. If not fixed in time, small holes and scratches will become worse.

Always park your trailer away from direct sunlight and keep it away from tree branches. A strong roof offers more protection to you and your family.

Check the Tires and Wheel Bearings

Another part of the trailer that needs to be maintained is the tires. Traveling over rough terrains for hours can cause tires to wear out. It will result in a blowout, which will harm your family and mini trailer.

Inspect every tire of your trailer. There could be pebbles or rocks stuck in the tires. It reduces tire efficiency. Moreover, the pressure in your tires could be low, which makes your journey uncomfortable. Thus, care for your tires.

Apart from tires, the wheel bearings also need attention. Often, people skip checking wheel bearings, but you should keep them maintained. They are as important as the tires. Grease the wheel bearings to make them last longer.  

Keep your Trailer Safe from Pests

Maintaining your trailer includes keeping it clean and safe from pests. From mice to insects, any creature can cause several problems for you. They might chew electrical wires, create holes in the walls or even build nests.

Moreover, if you plan a trip to the woods, there will be an even higher risk of attracting rodents. It will be irritating and troublesome, so plan ahead of time. Secure your trailer by sealing every corner. Spray foam corners to prevent anything from coming into the RV. If you plan to keep storage units, make sure they have no holes or openings. Insects can easily hide in such places. Therefore, you must make your RV rodent-proof for your safety.