6 Tips to Keep your Carpets Clean

A carpet can transform your home from dull and cold to warm and inviting. Unfortunately, cleaning it is not always that easy, especially if you have a busy schedule. Professional carpet cleaning services also come at a cost and most people can’t afford to hire these services every week. Keeping a dirty carpet is however not an option, as it can cause allergies.

So how do you maintain a clean and fresh smelling carpet when you barely have time to clean? Below are a few tips to consider. 

Keep the shoes out

Shoes harbor a lot of germs and dust from toilets, and the outdoor areas, whether it’s visible or not. Besides, when you step on your carpet with shoes, you’ll not only be adding dirt, but you’ll also be compressing it, making your vacuuming work harder. Try to keep shoes outside. If you can’t walk around the house barefoot, buy indoor slippers which are way lighter and gentle on the carpet.

As for your guests, find a way to politely ask them to take their shoes off before getting into the house. This way, you’ll prevent dirt buildup on the carpet.   

Deal with stains immediately

It’s possible to avoid staining your carpet altogether, but at times, you may want to enjoy some Netflix and chill moments with a glass of wine and snacks. The possibility of staining the carpet with drinks, food spills or pet dirt is quite high. If left for too long, stains become resistant and can damage your carpet’s fiber and appearance.

Therefore, remove them right away rather than ignoring them. You may use popular homemade stain removers if you don’t have manufactured removers on standby. Remember, different stains require different types of stain removal mechanisms. Red wine and blood, for instance, may require a blend of hydrogen peroxide and dish washing soap while pet poop can come off if you use laundry soap and white vinegar.   

Add sectional rugs and doormats

You may have noticed that some parts of your carpet look more worn out and dirtier than others. These are mostly areas near entryways or parts experiencing heaving foot traffic. Adding sectional rags or doormats near these areas will reduce the amount of dirt the carpet receives as guests and house members can wipe their feet before stepping onto the carpet. Rags and mats are way easier to deep clean compared to carpets and you can always clean them once a week. 

Vacuum regularly

Most people hire carpet cleaning services every year, depending on the occupants living in a house. For homes with young children and pets, carpet cleaning may be a regular exercise. Deep cleaning is however not an easy task. Moreover, carpets take time to dry especially during rainy or winter seasons. You can keep your carpet clean for longer if you vacuum more often, thus minimizing the need to deep clean regularly. Vacuuming gets rid of dust, germs, fur, food particles and other types of dirt which often get trodden and smudged deeper into the carpet if left to sit for long.

Keep moisture at bay

A dirty looking carpet is one thing, but a foul-smelling carpet is another. Your carpet can make your stay in the house very uncomfortable when they develop a bad odor.

Carpets smell when they encounter liquids. Milk spills, for instance, are notorious for causing a pungent smell. Basic water, on the other hand, will lead to a musty smell and may also attract mold and mildew. To avoid such issues, just keep liquids away from your carpets. 

In summary, carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be an everyday affair, especially if you’re busy with work or other house chores. However, you will need to employ regular maintenance efforts to keep the carpet from accumulating dirt and germs. Simply note the factors that bring dirt into the house and find a way to manage or control them.

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