6 Tips to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Health is about a constellation of things you do in your daily life to improve your overall wellbeing. Wellness and happiness are influenced by eating and sleeping habits, as well as by the way you dress and engage with the world around you. It’s a complicated tapestry of choices and actions, but looking and feeling your best is something that we can all accomplish with a little dedication to ourselves.


1. Dress for success.


One of the first things friends will tell you when going to an interview is to dress for the job. But getting the right women’s clothes to dress for success extends beyond the interview room. If you dress to impress no matter what you are doing during the day you will always feel in control and ready to take on the world. There is a wide world of womens clothing to choose from when updating your wardrobe to look and feel your best. Some new dresses, some stylish jackets and jeans, a new piece of jewelry, or seasonal skirt and shirt combinations can all work wonders for your outlook and personal look at the same time.Look into coupons and clearance sales on new arrivals to get your new wardrobe for an affordable price.

2. Try meditation.


Meditation has been shown to calm down even the most nervous of people. Taking five minutes to simply close your eyes and breathe in the morning before getting up to start your day might be just the reset you need to own the day and make the most of the opportunities it has lined up for you.


3. Start exercising.


Running, swimming, and lifting weights are all great ways to improve your physique and can act as powerful mood alteration activities. The increased oxygen required to strain your body through any of these activities produces a wakening effect in your brain, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and helps you meet other health goals. The additional blood flow helps you concentrate and can improve cognition, mood, and clarity of thought. On top of getting in shape, exercise is great for your mental health.


4. Take advantage of your office’s wellness program.

Adding the benefits of a wellness program to your daily or weekly routine can work wonders on your overall positivity and have you looking and feeling great. These are a collection of worksite wellness programs that offices bring in to help add positivity and productivity to the workplace. Business managers understand that worksite wellness helps employee health and creates better employee morale as a result. That’s why many invest in employee health by introducing a fitness challenge or other employee wellness programs. They may include outdoor dining spaces for lunch breaks, a gym onsite, or a pension matching program that helps you build for retirement and reduce the contribution you must make to secure your future. Whatever employee wellness programs your company has created to support you as an employee, taking advantage of what’s offered is a great way to meet your health goals and feel rejuvenated at all times, even at work.


5. Save more.

Speaking of saving, putting more money away every month is another great way to improve you mood. According to recent reports, 30% of Americans are “constantly” stressed about money, and nearly everyone has finance related stress “sometimes.” Putting away some extra cash in your retirement or rainy day account can help relieve this powerful stressor and take the pressure off you so that you can focus on other, more important things going on in your life, like developing healthier lifestyles.


6. Talk to family on a regular basis.

Talking to loved ones is another great way to take your mind off whatever you have going on. Talking to family can help you feel great and improve your overall mood with just a simple phone call. Even at a distance you can feel the love moving through the phone as you speak to parents, grandparents, or siblings. It’s a great way to start or end a day that promises to throw some curveballs your way.

Happiness and health are tricky things to get right. They require an odd mixture of circumstances that is unique for everyone. But looking and feeling great starts with some simple changes and habits in your life designed to constantly keep you in a good mood and keep you healthy.

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