6 Tips On A Perfect Helicopter Tour

When it comes to planning an adventure, many activities just don’t compare to the rest. One tour many people plan to take at least once in their lives is a helicopter tour. There are tours available to book all around the world, including helicopter tours Brisbane. Because of how amazing a helicopter tour can be and how expensive it can be to plan, it is important to ensure you plan to have the perfect helicopter tour experience.

Why Choose A Helicopter Tour?

Why would you want to stare up at the skyline when you can experience it from high in the sky? For those who are tired of busy sidewalks, double-decker bus tours and traffic, a tour by helicopter seems like the perfect option. No matter where you take your tour, you’re sure to see some beautiful sights.

1. When To Plan The Tour

The first tip for planning the perfect helicopter tour is choosing when to go. Most people decide to go on tours during their vacation. It is important to keep in mind that many helicopter tour agencies do not operate during the holidays. For those that do, the rates may be more expensive than during normal hours. When you figure out when your vacation will be, you can start looking for deals for your helicopter tour.

2. Scope Out Deals

Not many people would give up the chance to get a good deal or discount on a helicopter tour they plan. Many helicopter touring companies offer deals and coupons to their customers. Some will offer discounts on package deals such as a museum visit after the helicopter tour. To get the most for your money, try to find a combination deal in advance.

3. What Do You Want To See?

It is important to find a helicopter that will satisfy what you’re looking for. Many touring companies will plan their tours around popular tourist destinations and landmarks. You need to decide how much you want to see during your tour. Some people can only handle 30 minutes, and other people can be in a helicopter for over an hour. You will also need to consider whether you would want a flight during the day or at night. You won’t see as much at night, but you will get to enjoy the city lights and star views.

4. Where Does The Flight Leave From?

When you plan a helicopter tour, it will always have to leave from a heliport. Depending on where the company’s heliport is located, you need to ensure you have access to it. Some are located in heavily congested areas. You need to ensure you leave for your tour with enough time to reach the tour destination on time. If you are late, you may miss your flight and be marked as “no show”. Even if you miss your flight, you may still be charged for it because it is considered lost money to the company. Be prepared and arrive early for your flight appointment. This will ensure you have time to get through traffic or give you spare time if you get lost on the way.

5. Have Alternate Plans Made

With helicopter tours, you need to have backup plans made. This is especially true if the tour is planned for a special occasion. Changes in weather can quickly lead to a canceled flight. You don’t want to go on a helicopter tour during inclement weather, and most companies will not risk the flight. If you get canceled because of the weather, you will be glad you made other plans. If you notice the weather turning bad before you have left home, call the helicopter tour company and make sure your flight hasn’t been canceled already. This will ensure you don’t make the trip to the heliport for nothing. When the weather is the reason for cancellation, many helicopter tour companies will issue refunds or reschedule your flight for another day that works for you.

6. Who Will Go With You?

A helicopter tour can be more special when you go with the right people. You will be in a close space with others during the entire flight. If you plan it with someone special, you will be able to make better memories.

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