6 Stylish Fixes to Cover up a Muffin Top

When it comes to women, a muffin top refers to the extra fat that sits around their waist, and women of various shapes and sizes have one. However, there are various fashion tips women can incorporate into their wardrobe to hide it. Below is a closer look at six stylish tips to cover up your pesky muffin top while remaining stylish and trendy.

Wear Tunics

Flowy shirts and dresses are great when it comes to covering up your muffin top. Tunics by Filly Flair offer various options, styles, patterns, and colors when it comes to buying tunics to transition from season to season. If you wear tops that are tight around the waist, the fabric will cling to the skin and draw more attention to your midsection and accentuates the muffin top.

Choose Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are fashionable blouses that have an extra piece of fabric on the waistline that flares out and sits towards the hips. This silhouette creates an hourglass figure, and it one of the top ways to cover a muffin top.

Add Layers to an Outfit

If the weather allows it, throw on a vest, cardigan, or jacket to hide extra fat around your midsection. A blazer is also a popular layer that can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, and trousers. Finally, another layer that many women turn to is a scarf. Longer scarves are fabulous for drawing attention away from the stomach area.

Wear Dark Colors

Women love wearing darker colors because they cause a slimming effect. Colors such as black, navy blue, dark gray, and hunter green will make your body appear smaller than it is. Black is the most popular color worn by women because it is a classic color that can be dressed up and down.

Try High-Waisted Bottoms

Pants and leggings that are high-waisted give your midsection much support and eliminate a muffin top. High-waisted bottoms flatten the stomach instantly and are trendy. Make sure you purchase the right size to maximize the full benefits of wearing high-waisted jeans or leggings. For example, if you buy leggings that are too small, then the band around the waist will start to roll, creating an uncomfortable feeling.

Choose Wrap or Shift Dresses

Wrap dresses are flattering on many body types. They have a tie around the waist that highlights your bust and gives the illusion of an hourglass figure while making the stomach area appear smaller than it is. Dresses with prints and patterns are flattering as well.

A shift dress hangs from the shoulders and goes straight down, as they are loose and roomy. These dresses are great for hiding a muffin top because they hang on the body, and are not rouched or cinched in any area. Again, when choosing dresses, ones that are dark and have patterns on them do a great job of hiding any areas you are not comfortable with.

Many women have muffin tops they deal with constantly, so knowing what to wear to eliminate it is something many strive for. Choose outfits that are comfortable and fit you well. Often times, high-waisted bottoms, peplum tops, and looser dresses are the most popular items women go for. Not only that, but wide belts, scarves, and jewelry do a great job in distracting one’s attention away from your midsection.


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