6 Style Hacks to Hide Your Gynecomastia

Breasts. Everyone has them. However, for men, breasts can be a nagging source of embarrassment and self-loathing if they grow big. Man boobs can be a result of being overweight or a medical condition known as gynecomastia. Whichever the cause, moobs aren’t something you need to show off. You need to get rid of them, which can be a process. While you’re in the process of eliminating them, you can try to hide them in public. The following style hacks will help you conceal man boobs.

1.     Compress your problem.

Have you ever spotted someone wearing a compression shirt? They literally fit like a second skin. They are more popular with gym buffs. Compression shirts comfortably suppress heavy chests under usual clothes concealing any unwanted chest bumps. They have low, scooping necks, making them difficult to spot (unless you have an undone shirt button). Even if someone sees them, most compression shirts will pass as normal undershirts or vests. Check out for quality compression shirts.

2.     Avoid white shirts.

White and bright colors put your body flaws on display. A white shirt is more likely to reveal your man boobs than a black or grey shirt. Go for dark-colored or neutral hues such as blue and dark grey.

3.     Use small patterns to conceal big issues.

Smaller patterns can be of great help because they create an illusory effect. Attention is drawn to the pattern rather than the body shape. Camouflaging the chest area with patterns works well. However, you have to choose your pattern carefully. For instance, small pockets can disguise the problem area by providing an extra structure to a shirt. But then, things can go wrong if the pockets are heavily detailed and bulky. They can draw attention to the chest area. The bottom line is: Choose your top pockets carefully.

4.     Think thick.

Several layers of clothing or heavy, thicker fabrics are effective when it comes to concealing moobs. That’s if you live in colder climates. If you live in a more temperate region, go for tightly woven textiles. Opt for shirts that are starchy and rigid.

5.     Find the right fit.

Most people tend to think that baggy clothes will conceal your body’s flaws. They are wrong. Baggy clothes make you look bigger than you really are. Going to the extreme on the opposite side is also a mistake. Anything too tight will only enhance your body flaws. Find a properly fitted shirt. If you can’t, there’s no harm in spending a few bucks on getting it tailored down to your specifications.

6.     Turn down the color contrast.

Try to keep the color contrast between the lower and upper body minimal. A dark grey shirt worn with red pants cuts you into half at the waist. This makes you look wider and shorter. Now, wear the same shirt with dark pants. It de-emphasizes your waistline and enhances your height.

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