6 Steps Slip And Fall Accident Victims Must Take Post-Accident

Slip and fall accidents are no joke. Fractures, spinal cord injuries, concussions, and more are all commonly associated with slip and fall accidents, after all. When you are harmed in a slip and fall accident, you must take action ASAP. Doing so can help you receive a settlement that will help you recover from all the injuries and losses associated with your accident. There are six steps slip and fall accident victims simply must take post-accident:

1. Seek Out Medical Attention

Seeking medical attention is the very first thing that you must do after being hurt in a slip and fall accident. Even if you think you may be completely fine, you may have sustained injuries that need immediate medical attention. The medical paperwork and evidence this will gain you will be incredibly important if you end up filing a slip and fall accident lawsuit as well. Your health is the most important thing to focus on in the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall accident. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has a ton of experience dealing with lawsuits involving slip and fall accidents and can help guide you through this process effectively.

2. Officially Report the Slip and Fall Accident

Reporting your slip and fall accident to all of the property authorities is essential if you want to win a large settlement. You need to report the accident to your medical insurance, the police, any managers of the property where you were injured, and (if needed) other proper authorities. This is another instance where a qualified, knowledgeable personal injury attorney will come in useful, as they will know exactly what type of paperwork you need to file post-accident. Without taking the right steps, it can be difficult to hold the people who are at fault for your slip and fall accident accountable.

3. Document Everything

There are many more pieces of documentation and evidence to handle aside from reporting the slip and fall accident. Take pictures of the location where you were injured, get interviews with witnesses, and keep easy-to-access files of everything surrounding your case. As you file your case and continue with the process, you’ll want to ensure that you have these documents stored somewhere safe and secure. If you’re in the hospital post-accident, you may want to ask a loved one to start gathering documentation for you. You can also entrust a lawyer with this important task. Time is of the essence when it comes to gathering the evidence you’ll need for your slip and fall accident case.

4. Protect Yourself

You must protect yourself from legal missteps post-accident. If a property owner or other at-fault party tries to contact you, remain silent. Allow an attorney to handle these conversations for you, as you could otherwise accidentally put yourself into legal jeopardy. Especially if you’re dealing with a property owner or at-fault party who has been responsible for other slip and fall accidents in the past, they may try to intimidate you or mess with your memories. Without the assurance of a proper legal representative, you should not speak to anyone about the accident that is not directly assisting you with the case.

5. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

As we’ve mentioned above, you must hire a personal injury attorney when dealing with a slip and fall accident lawsuit. Trying to represent yourself can become disastrous very quickly, after all. You’ll need the knowledge, professionalism, and aptitude of a lawyer if you want to reach a large (and deserved) settlement to cover your injuries. Because the injuries related to slip and fall accidents can be so devastating, you must receive a settlement that can cover medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.

6. Allow Yourself Time to Heal

Once you’ve hired a quality personal injury attorney, they can handle the vast majority of work surrounding your case. As they fight for you, allow yourself time to heal. Rushing the healing process can lead to further injuries. Listening to your doctor’s recommendations in this area is highly recommended. You deserve to recover in as quick and comfortable a fashion as humanly possible after being victimized by a slip and fall accident.

Restitution is Possible

With the right lawyer by your side and the proper evidence, you can easily gain the restitution that you deserve. Remember, it is the responsibility of property owners to keep their facilities clean, and hazard-free. When they fail to do so, and you’re injured as a result of their negligence, it’s only fair that they help you get back on your feet financially.