6 Simple Tips On How to Store Your Shoes

Those who have a huge shoe collection, even when they are practical, they can sometimes get out of hand. This applies to both men and women with the various types of shoes they can have in their collection. Plus, it is not illegal to own as many shoes as you want. Having various numbers of shoes is an advantage, for you will have shoes for various occasions. For instance, you need shoes to go to work, running sneakers, for a wedding, shoes to go to the beach, among other occasions that need specific shoes. Therefore, since most people tend to acquire a lot of shoes and it can be a big challenge to store them properly. Below are simple tips on how to store your shoes. 

1. Keep shoes away from the floor

To begin with, one way to store your shoes is to keep them away from the floor. Even though they have become hard to store, clunky, and they are many of them. Find a way to store them off the floor. For instance, you can make a ladder shoe shelf, although you feel that it is right when they are on the floor of your closet. While you store them in this way, it becomes a challenge to find your shoes as they flop over each other. However, if the floor option is the one you prefer, ensure you try some basic organization skills instead of throwing them in a heap. Therefore, since you invested in the shoes, treat them well by arranging them tidily.

2. Use see-through boxes with lids 

Do you find it a challenge to pick out clothes and accessories when you do not know what you are looking at? The same applies to your shoes, that’s why most people prefer that they are somewhere on the display. When your shoes are stuffed somewhere, you cannot view your options well. Hence it is wise to keep them visible as you sort them. Therefore, use clear box shoe organizers that allow you to see your yeezys, brogues, and boots with ease. If you prefer to use the boxes that you already have, you can stick the picture of the shoes outside each box. Through this, you can easily check through your boxes in the morning, and it will stop you from tearing your wardrobe apart as you think for the ideal shoe to match your look.  

3. Store in shoe baskets or cubbies 

When you compare sneakers to ballet flats, the sneakers as they are athletic shoes are built to withstand a little more roughhousing. Therefore, you can get your sneakers out of your precious shoe storage and store them in a shoe basket. If you do not want to use shoe baskets, you can opt for cubies as they give each shoe their spacing in an organized manner. Alternatively, you can opt for shoe hooks that you can use to mount your shoes to the wall by clipping the hook onto the heel of your sneakers. But of course, if your yeezys are your most prized possessions, why not store them in a box on the top shelf with your Air Jordans.  

4. Store shoes into categories

As much as you are considering on how to store your shoes right. You must sort your shoes into categories. For starters, categorize your shoes into two, like shoes you wear less frequently and those that you wear all the time. Therefore, the shoes you wear less frequently put them far away and high up. While for the others, group them as similar styles together, those you wear to work, out to dinner, and for going for a walk into another group. Storing them according to the activity category is one way, but if it does not work for you, opt for a simpler option. For instance, store them according to color, style, or brands, among other many options. 

5. Use storage facilities 

If where you live there are storage facilities, like Make Space, that you can use. Use them not only to store your shoes, sneakers, and boots but other quality stuff as well. This makes it easy to store your shoes and others effortlessly without having to take up any space in your home. All you have to do is schedule a pick up once you know what you want to be stored away. Plus, the storage facility is a secure place to take your belongings and is temperature-controlled. Have a photo catalog of what you send for storage if they do not provide an online photo catalog of your stuff. In case you forget what you had packed for storage. For convenience purposes, choose a storage facility that delivers to you once you require specific items from the storage. 

6. Use adjustable bookcases

Once you access that you require a separate shoe storage solution. Try using an adjustable bookcase to store your shoes. If you are a shoe enthusiast and you love collecting various types of shoes. Do not stop because you lack storage space for your shoe collection. Use these adjustable bookcases to store your shoes other than piling them up together, as not collecting more shoes is not an option. So, when your closets are full due to the limited space that they have before you consider investing in a separate storage unit, opt for these bookcases. 

In summary, when you think about storage, not shoes alone take up the space they take, other things as well. Therefore, you should know how best to store your shoes. Either it is in shoe bins or other ways that are listed above. Proper storage will ensure that your shoes maintain looking great. Since you protect them from dust, sun, and water. Plus, the shoes will not warp or fade when they are in a storage unit. Hence get a shoe rack or any other type of shoe storage you prefer and add it to your home. 

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