6 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Care Residence for a Loved One

As people age, they are more prone to chronic, age-related diseases. Many of these conditions can make it harder for a loved one to care for themselves. Providing them with a safe place to live in a secure facility is often the best option. If you are looking for an ideal care residence, there are certain questions to keep in mind.

1. How Many Staffers are There Per Patient?

One of the single most important questions you’ll want answered is how many staffers there are on hand to tend to the patients. In general, it’s best to have enough staffers to attend to a patient’s needs without the need to resort to lots of overtime.

2. What is Included in the Price of Care?

Another issue you’ll want to address during any conversation is the cost of care. Medicare and Medicaid may cover parts of the cost or even all of it. You’ll want to know wall about any fees before you start. You should also know what the fee covers such as a single room and all meals.

3. How Long do Staffers Stay at The Facility?

A reputable facility is one that has staffers who can help residents and get them the care they need to stay healthy. A good facility is also one that has lots of loyal and happy staffers. If there’s a lot of turnover at the facility in a short period, this can be a red flag that indicates further investigation might be warranted.

4. What Kinds of Trips are Available?

Like everyone else, seniors benefit from having access to stimulating activities. Such activities allow seniors to keep mobile and engage with the world around them. They can also help ward off long-term cognitive decline symptoms. Any facility should have a list of activities they provide for residents each week. That may include simple trips such as a trip to the local park. It can also include the chance to travel to a nearby movie theater or even to a local amusement park. A good facility should have a large range of such activities that each resident can enjoy all year long.

5. Can the Facility Provide Specialized Services?

When people get older, they often have need for specific, specialized services. Ask the care facility if they can provide them for your loved one. For example, if they have any kind of mobility issue, a good facility should be able to provide a list of the many ways they can ensure the patient can still keep up their mobility, That may include help from highly trained physical and occupational therapists as well as other doctors who know how to help them.

6. What is a Typical Day Like?

While in one sense, every single resident is different, it’s important to keep in mind each resident will have something in common. You want to know what that is and how each resident is helped during the day. In many cases, each resident will start with breakfast in the morning. Then they might have activities designed for their specific needs such as gentle walking. A facility should be able to provide a detailed list of activities that are likely to happen each day.