6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Car Shipping Services

Do you need to ship a car from one place to another? If so, you may be wondering about the best ways to decide on using one car shipping service over the other. You are not alone. It can often seem like a million different companies out there offer these services, but not all of them will give you the care and attention you need as the client or your vehicle. 

1. How is the issue of damaged cars on transit handled?

One of the most important aspects to consider when shipping your vehicle is how it will be handled, primarily when an accident occurs and you have not yet received your car. It is imperative to determine which company has a reputation for handling car damage well and what steps they take to avoid any issues. You should consider a service provider that you can easily claim from its insurance company and get paid quickly.

2. What payment method is accepted?

One factor to consider when choosing a shipping company is their payment plans. Some companies require a 50% deposit before beginning transport, while others have different arrangements. Do your research and choose the car transport company with a payment plan that works for you. A shipping company that offers a more flexible payment plan without straining your bank account would be a great option. You do not want a scenario where you end up defaulting on the payment plan and lose some of your hard-earned money simply because you failed to match your financial capacity with the right service provider.

3. When to expect to receive your car?

Shipping a car can be complicated. It all depends on how your vehicle is being sent, where it’s going, and the type of carrier that will deliver it to you in its new home. For example, coast-to-coast transportation might take 1 – 2 weeks, but shorter usually takes one day or less, while overseas shipment may require at least two months due to such long-distance travel. Check out the shipping company’s reviews and choose the one that keeps its promises on delivering goods on time. Nevertheless, although rarely, unplanned events may occur that can cause delays in-car delivery, and you may have to wait much longer than expected.

4. Does the shipping company have the necessary documentation?

Proper documentation is essential if you want to ship a car across the country. You should check in advance that the shipping company you intend to use is legally operating and is insured. Keep in mind that all documentation must be up-to-date to legalize the whole process. Avoid shipping companies that use shortcuts as the risk of losing your car or your hard-earned money is high with a fraudulent car shipping company. Besides, it’s almost impossible to get compensation if things go wrong and the shipping company is illegally operating.

5. Which insurance cover does it offer?

The shipping company will usually provide insurance for your car. Make sure to ask about it when you book the move and ensure that they have adequate coverage and it’s documented. Unfortunately, car shipping insurance can cost more than purchasing comprehensive motor vehicle protection from an insurer on top of their specialized package deals if necessary. Be sure to do some research first. Please choose the shipping company that works best for you and offers the maximum benefits in its insurance cover at the most affordable rates.

6. What is the total cost of shipping the car?

Shipping a car can be expensive, so do your research and determine the costs for an estimate and compare different shipping companies. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any hidden charges that could surprise you when it comes time to pay. If possible, try asking around before committing because shipping two vehicles might get cheaper per pound if they’re both going in one container instead of separate ones with different companies.