6 Questions Before Buying Your Baby’s Stroller

Many baby stores have many different kinds of strollers from many different manufacturers. 100-Baby-Tips, for instance, is one such baby specialty site to give you tips before buying baby products from stores. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when getting a stroller:

  • How high is the handlebar?

You need to test a few strollers. You should not have to stoop to hold the handles to push the stroller and it should not also be so short that the back of the stroller gets kicked when you push. You should find a stroller with a handle at appropriate height according to your own height.

  • Where will you put the diaper bag?

You will most probably have your joiner baby with you while running errands. And you will need to put stuff like the diaper bag. It is good to have a basket under the seat. Some strollers may even have cup holders or storage space on the handlebar. This of course is not necessary but it would not hurt either. Think of your needs: do you require a lot of stuff like pacifiers, feeders etc. in your reach. If you like, you can also find a storage bag to hang on the stroller. But be really careful, you do not want the stroller to tip over.

  • Can it easily be folded?

You need to see if the stroller you are buying easily folds. You will most likely fold it to put it in the car. Some families particularly those who live in sub urban areas may never even need to fold but those living in cities will need cars to transport the stroller to malls or parks. If you really are struggling to fold it that means it is not easily foldable. Some strollers can fold out with just a hit which is also not good. When buying, fold it and see for yourself.

  • How light is it?

This is probably the most important question because you do not want to hurt your back pushing an abnormally heavy stroller. The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to push and carry around. Generally, the lightest strollers weigh 8 to 10 pounds. A stroller for a newborn can weigh up to 16 pounds.

Some people go for heavy strollers, thinking that lightweights are perhaps of low quality. That is not always the case. Weight is not directly related to quality.

  • Can you put a car seat in it?

Many strollers come with car seats and sometimes they are from different manufacturers. Many parents find this option both affordable and convenient. They just put their sleeping baby from the car while in the seat into the stroller without disturbing the baby.

  • Can it easily steer?

It is sometimes very difficult to get the stroller in those narrow aisles in the supermarket or through small doors. You should test the stroller for these things.Is it easily turning? Can it go through tight spaces? Can you easily spin it round at 180 degrees angle?

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