6 Nicotine Flusher Foods That Will Make an Ex-Smoker and a Smoker’s Body As Good As New

Ex-Smokers, where you at?

How’s life without the worldwide known killer?

I just wonder how this killer is still living free out there.

You can still buy a pack of cigarettes in the nearest store.

Smokers? – Is that bad cough still here?

I’m not going to tell you that smoking kills. You already know that.

Go ahead ex-smokers tell all the smokers how life is without cigarettes.

They need to hear how well you feel.

I have never been a smoker in my life. In fact, I have never tried one.

I just can’t see the benefits of smoking. That’s it.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who are smokers.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything to make them quit. Nothing helps.

When I stopped doing all kinds of things, I’ve tried a different approach.

Making them see the benefits of a nicotine clear body.

How did I do that?

The magic of food strikes again.

These 6 foods flush the nicotine out of your lungs.

It’s not important if you are an ex-smoker or a smoker. They are extremely efficient!

The ex-smokers will find them useful for parting ways once and for all with the damage causer.

The smokers?

They will finally see healthy life without nicotine.

Here is the list.


I have put broccoli almost everywhere.

Imagine how healthy they are.

This time, they react as nicotine flushers.

While smoking, you are “blowing away” the vitamin C out of your body.

The broccoli are rich with vitamin B5 and C.

Including more broccoli in your diet will eliminate the nicotine from your organism.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to keep smoking saying there is broccoli to help you.

Think about how many years you’ve been smoking.

Your body needs a lot of cleaning.


Same goes for oranges.

They are rich with vitamin C.

I’ve heard smokers say: “Smoking cigarettes calms me”.

Well, there is another HEALTHIER solution for that.

Eating oranges or drinking some freshly squeezed orange juice will relieve stress and boost your metabolism.

Carrot Juice

Every time you light up a cigarette, the nicotine stays in your body for 3 days.

It damages your skin.

The skin is getting older with every cigarette you smoke.

The carrot juice is a proven friend of the skin.

Rich with vitamins A, K, C and B, it is also an effective nicotine flusher.


I call it the healthiest vegetable.

Yes, it’s rich with vitamins. It’s also very beneficial for your health.

It contains a large amount of folic acid that makes it a nicotine flusher.

Kiwi Fruit

The vitamins in your body are getting very low while you smoke.

You know what’s worse than a smoker?

– A smoker who avoids eating fruits and vegetables.

You can find these people everywhere.

While you are smoking your body doesn’t need vegetables.

That’s the nicotine ruling your system!


You think you are full, but the truth is different.

Your body lacks crucial vitamins.

Kiwi is a very rich source of vitamins E, C and A.

If you are eating more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables than you smoke cigarettes, I’m positive you will leave cigarettes very fast.


This list wouldn’t be complete without water.

Smokers, feeling dehydrated very often?

I know.

It’s the nicotine that dehydrates you.

Not the stress. Not the healthy food.

Not the excuses you find every time.

Drinking plenty of water eliminates the nicotine from your body.

Stay Healthy

For the ex-smokers: include these foods in your diet more in order to flush even the smallest nicotine out of your body.

For the smokers: Every time you want to smoke a cigarette, try to replace it with eating some of these vitamin rich foods.

You’ll get used to it in time and you won’t feel the need to smoke again.

It’s for your own good!

Do you have any friends who are ex-smokers or smokers that will find a good use of this?

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