6 Most Common Symptoms That Will Help You Recognize a Heart Attack a Month Before It Happens

I know you don’t want to talk about this, but you MUST know this.

No one wants to suffer a heart attack.

The reason why I decided to tell you this is about some news I’ve heard recently.

It seems heart attacks are on the top of the list as one of the main causes of death.

I knew people die from heart attacks, but now did this health issue become a leading problem?

In my recent posts, I’ve shared many foods that help you prevent heart diseases.

I will keep doing that.

This time I’m talking about something else.

I found 6 most common symptoms that happen before suffering a heart attack.

How is this helpful?

These symptoms are often noticed a month before it happens.

You will be able to get help on time.

Visiting the doctor for a heart check up when you notice something like this is a must.

I don’t mean to scare you with this.

Getting you worried and making you believe that something like this is happening to you is the least I want to do.

But it’s better for you to get educated on stuff like this.

Consult a doctor before making conclusions and bringing decisions on your own!

These are the 6 most common symptoms you should watch for:

Cold Sweats and Dizziness

It’s often a sign.

This means your body has some difficulties.

It means poor circulation and your brain lacks proper blood flow.

The brain stops to operate appropriately.

You are in danger and you need to visit the doctor immediately.

Chest Pressure

People who suffered from a heart attack call it the most noticeable symptom.

Heart attack happens right after they started feeling chest pressure too often.

It’s a clear sign that heart attack is coming.

Many people just say they are tired and the chest pressure is normal.

Maybe not. Maybe something is happening.

You should seek some medical attention.
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Becoming too weak lately?

It feels like you can’t do anything.

This is a sign that your arteries are continuing to narrow.

They don’t allow blood flow to go through your body regularly.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

These are the trickiest ones.

Many those who suffered a heart attack, they experienced flu-like symptoms.

You’ll think it’s nothing and it’s just a cold, but in reality it could be different.

Consult a doctor immediately.

He will give you the answers you seek for.


Feeling like you’ve run a marathon after you climbed a few stairs is not a good sign.

This could be a result of lost blood flow in your heart.

The arteries that are going straight to your heart are not working well.

Maybe there is some kind of a plaque developed that is preventing blood flow and the heart to work properly.

Seek for a doctor immediately.

Shortness of Breath

Your lungs will suffer, too.

The loss of blood flow harms everything.

When there is not enough blood in your lungs, you won’t be able to take enough air.

This relates to shortness of breath.

Like the rest of the symptoms, this is also a very bad sign.

Consult a doctor to see if it’s related to a heart attack before it’s too late.

If you noticed, I’ve mentioned a couple of times to consult a doctor immediately.

I wanted to let you know the importance of you doing that if you experience something like that.

Don’t say it will pass.

Don’t say it’s nothing.

Prevent a heart attack before it happens.

Do whatever it takes to maintain strong cardiovascular health.

It’s the difference between staying alive and passing away.

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