6 Important Factors to Consider When Building a Home for The Aged for Their Serenity

A home for the elderly or people about to retire should be more than just a home. The aged will consider many safety and comfort factors in choosing their next home to live independently for longer. Important factors include the safety and comfort features of the house and the environment as well. The aged prefer living in a safe community where they can socialize easily, probably with other retirees. 

Features of A Suitable Community for the Elderly

If you are a retiree or about to retire, it’s essential to consider a home that will serve you comfortably now and into the future.

  1. Easily Accessible Homes

Most older adults prefer a one-floor living where they can quickly gain access even with a wheelchair and without the risk of injuries. The physical infrastructure should consider the housing needs of the elderly. Any proposed modifications should also not deviate from meeting the physical and emotional needs of the elderly. For example, a home for older adults should not have slippery and steep stairs. The doors should also be wide enough for easy access, even with mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

  1. Safe and Friendly Neighborhoods

Safety concerns of the elderly can have significant psychological effects on older adults. However, social cohesion may help deal with the psychological effects. Hence, in addition to the traditional security measures, concerned age-in-place communities need to organize daily social call-in programs to help the elderly feel protected and more secure. You can contact Serenity Communities for safe and friendly homes for the elderly.

  1. Quality Health Care and Healthy Living Conditions

Older adults are usually prone to health problems that need prompt attention. Hence, it’s important to have 24/7, easily accessible health facilities or health care providers to take care of the elderly in case of an emergency.

It’s also worth noting that health officials have associated poor housing conditions with various health conditions such as physical injuries, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate homes’ needs for the elderly to ensure that their environment is not a health hazard but safe.

  1. Safe Transportation

Neighborhoods of communities for the aged should have adequate and visible road signage to avoid accidents. The roads should also have sufficient lighting to make them suitable for night drives by the elderly. Friendly and easy to access public transport would make it easy for the aged to move around comfortably. The community needs to engage taxi companies that can deal with the elderly with ease for taxi services.

  1. Efficiently Accessible Markets and Shopping Areas

Amenities such as markets and other shopping areas are providing vital services to the elderly. The elderly can access goods and services more efficiently in a friendly environment. Being able to walk to a market or a shopping area and back is relieving to the elderly. Walking also serves as part of exercising, which is crucial for the elderly.

The markets and grocery stores are essential sources of fresh, healthy foods for the elderly. The markets which are part of the community also serve as points of interaction and socializing.

  1. Nearby Outlets for Socializing

People need to socialize and have fun irrespective of age. Hence, housing communities for the aged should consider areas where the elderly can readily and safely socialize and have fun. Social interaction helps the elderly to share and also protects older adults from falling into depression. Socialization increases the cognitive abilities of the aged.


After retirement, most people prefer to live in age-in-place communities to enjoy life and live independently. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the state of the houses and the surrounding environment before engaging in a purchasing contract. Your safety, security, comfort, and care are vital at old age; the Serenity community will help you achieve all these at a go. You need not live a dull life at old age; you need to live a life that meets your needs. 

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