6 Home Decor Tips For Outdoor Entertaining Year Round

Life is all about striking the perfect balance. A delicate act of finding enough time to work, rest, play and socialise. Like all balancing acts, it requires leaning one way or the other sometimes, so that on some days you work harder than you play, and hopefully on the weekends you play harder than you work.

Entertaining outdoors at home is a great way to achieve the social aspect of this fine balance. But what if your outdoor space isn’t quite up to scratch? In this useful blog, we’re going to share six home decor tips to assist you to entertain all year round. Ready? Read on to discover them.

Heating Solutions for Winter

Now, it may be tempting to shelve your social life during winter and hunker down inside. But with a radiant heating solution for your outdoor space, you can continue to host shindigs in your yard, safe in the knowledge that your guests will remain warm, comfortable and cozy while you eat, drink and be merry. 

Lighting for Ambience

The next tip is to install some ambient lighting for your yard. This could be fairy lights, festoon lights, or other lighting methods. The idea is to provide a soft, warm and gorgeous ambient lighting to help set the festive mood. A great tip here is to get solar lighting, so you don’t have to pay a cent for electricity while still getting awesome lighting.

Next Up – Plants

Another great way to add a lovely ambience to your yard is by gardening. Everyone likes to be surrounded by greenery, and plants and gardening offer many benefits to physical, mental and even spiritual well being. Your guests will enjoy being surrounded by your jungle, but the bonus is you can enjoy it even when you’re outside on your own.

Outdoor Furniture Settings

Your guests will need somewhere to sit, relax, and enjoy your company. This means that it pays to invest in some outdoor furniture settings. 

It’s good to have a larger table and some chairs, for a place to eat and enjoy a nice BBQ. 

But as well as this, you may want to purchase some outdoor lounge settings, which provide a comfier place to sit, usually after a large meal. You can even get some soft cushions, blankets and other creature comforts. Just remember to store these out of the weather once your event is over.

Water Features or Fountains

Another decor tip is to install a water feature or a fountain. This provides a soothing ambience, as your guests and yourself can listen to the gentle sound of water bubbling and babbling away. It is also nice to look at a fountain in action, providing something pleasing to the eye as well as the ears.

Even if you have a relatively small yard, you can find smaller water features and fountains at most hardware stores. 

More Auditory Ambience – Wind Chimes

Finally, add some additional auditory ambience by hanging up some wind chimes. These will provide a soft, gentle tinkling sound as the wind blows them together. They also come in a variety of styles and designs, and their appearance could top off the entire vibe of your outdoor space. 

A Cozy Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared six home decor tips for outdoor entertaining, all year round. Ensure you have some heating for winter, and provide lighting for added mood. Ensure your guests have furniture to sit on, and a water feature may provide a nice touch. Finally, finish off the picture with some gorgeous wind chimes, for added sound ambience as well as a visual flourish.