6 Gun Gadgets Every Gun Owner Needs

If you’ve owned a firearm for any length of time, you’ve got a few accessories lying around; maybe a holster, a laser, or a speed loader. Basic accessories are great to have, but they’re more like necessities.

When it comes to firearms, there are seemingly endless accessories available. Some will help you shoot more accurately, while others will help you carry more comfortably, like conceal-carry pants.

If you’re always looking for the next best gun gadget, here’s a list of several items to check out.

1. Barrel Buddy

Barrel Buddy is the next evolution in barrel cleaning tools. It’s so good that it’s amazing it took this long for someone to come up with the idea. Instead of using flat patches, Barrel Buddy is a foam cylinder that totally fills the barrel.

This cleaning tool is used in two stages. The first stage scrubs and collects all the particulate matter in the barrel. The second stage buffs and absorbs residue. When you’re done, your lands and grooves will be completely clean, free from all lead and fouling.

2. Decibullz percussive shooting filters

Earplugs don’t cut it at the range for many reasons. They’re either built to filter out high frequencies or low frequencies, but not percussive sounds. When you use a good pair of earplugs at the range, you can’t hear the ambient noise.

The Decibullz percussive shooting filters are like normal earplugs because they fill your ear to block out noise. However, there’s a reason they’re called a filter – they literally filter out percussive noise.

These ear plugs detect the peak sound pressure of both explosions and gunshots and suppress those sounds to safe levels. The noise reduction rating on these is 31dB.

3. A gun locker

Do you have a gun locker or safe to store your firearms? If you’ve been storing your guns in the closet, it’s time to get a real safe.

Gun lockers serve several purposes. First and foremost, they keep your guns secure and out of the wrong hands. When your guns are locked up, they can’t be easily accessed by others in your home and they won’t be easy to steal.

Locking up your guns is important because you never know if your kids have told their friends about your firearms. Sometimes kids target their friends’ parents when they know they have firearms.

Gun lockers aren’t just for your house, however. If you own a small gun, like a pistol, you can get one for your car, too.

4. Fix It Sticks portable gun tools

Each Fix It Sticks system is a collection of small, lightweight gun tools that come in a little zippered pouch. It’s a portable field maintenance kit that includes all the important tools you need to keep your guns in good working order. There are different system sets you can get, including:

·  Miniature torque limiters (for tightening scope rings, action screws, and mounts)

·  AR15 cleaning tools

·  Glock specific tools

·  Tools for general gun maintenance

These tools are a great way to keep your gun maintenance tools separate from your regular tools so you never have to worry about losing any pieces.

5. The Pin Pusher

It’s not easy taking apart a 1911 platform to clean. Removing the pin can be a pain and takes a bit of grip strength. With the Pin Pusher on your finger, you can use both hands to pull back the slide and release the pin with ease.

The Pin Pusher comes with two tips – one flat tip for protruding pins and a rounded tip for countersunk and flush pins.

6. Real Avid AR maintenance and modification tool kits

No matter what AR project you’re working on, the Real Avid AR 15 Armorer’s Master Kit will provide you with everything you need. It comes in a professional case and contains high-quality tools built with all the capabilities you need for maintenance and modification jobs.

The kit comes with:

·  Upper and lower vise blocks

·  A bench block

·  A torque wrench

·  Pin and punch tools

·  Picks

·  Sight tools

·  And several more tools

If you’re new to working on the AR platform, the kit comes with detailed instructions and a guide to performing the top 18 AR modifications. This tool kit is perfect for both newbies and experienced AR enthusiasts.

You can’t have too many firearms accessories

Accessories make owning firearms better. It’s okay to indulge when you find something new. It’s not possible to have too many accessories, especially when they improve safety and accuracy.