6 Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs and Expenses


Moving from one place to another can be really hard work. It is time and money consuming and the difficulty can increase with the distance the person is moving to. The stress that comes from moving house can be linked, a lot of the time, to the amount of money being spent on the move. Luckily, moving does not always have to be so stressful. There are a number of ways that moving can be cheap and hassle-free nowadays.

1.   Choose When You Move

The timing of your move can be an important factor in how much it costs. If you are not tied to moving at a specific time, then choosing the right season to move can save you a lot of money. As stated by the folks at PSS Removals, shipping your stuff from one place to another can vary greatly in price depending on when you would be making the move. It is commonly known that moving during the summer or on weekends, when everyone else is free and probably doing the same thing, can be quite costly. Whereas if you decide to move during the off-season or on a weekday, you can end up saving on moving expenses heavily.

2.   Consider the Objects You Are Moving

The number of things you move will work as an affecting factor in the cost of moving. The more objects you decide to take with you, the more money you’ll have to pay. In order to save yourself some expenses, assess everything you own before putting it in a box and moving it with you. Check if you actually use that object or if it would make more financial sense to just leave it behind and get a new one at your new place instead of going through the hassle of moving it with you.

3.   Ask for Free Boxes

More times than not, if you are planning on hiring a shipping and removals company for your move, they might be able to offer you free boxes. Even if you are planning on moving yourself by hiring a van or going back and forth with your own vehicle, you can always ask around for anyone offering free boxes. You can sometimes find them in supermarkets or shops that have no use for them and are basically giving them away.

4.   Check Different Moving Options

It is necessary to understand your moving options as the way you plan to move your stuff from one place to the other can differ in cost from others. For instance, if you are moving internationally, shipping your objects via plane would cost you more than shipping by sea or by land. If you are planning on hiring a shipping company, then it might be wise to ask about all their moving options, along with a price list for each one so that you can save yourself some added expenses.

5.   Ask for Discounts

It might be a long shot, but on certain occasions, if you ask your removals company for any discounts available, you might actually receive some vouchers or a good discount to save you some expenses. It could be worth a shot to contact the company you hired for moving and simply asking them or check their website for any announced discounts. You might be surprised by the offers that make you save yourself some needed finances.

6.   Invest in Insurance

It is very common when moving to lose or have certain objects get damaged as a result of all the carrying and moving around. This can end up costing you in repairs or replacements in certain severe cases. Investing in moving insurance before making the move can actually end up helping you save those expenses. The insurance itself is usually not that expensive but it might be essential, especially if you are moving things internationally or between two distant places where accidents might happen in the process. If you are hiring a moving company, they might be able to offer you an insurance policy or you can get one externally yourself.

The process of moving from one home to another can be quite stressful and tiring, as well as expensive. The key to avoiding all the hardships of moving is planning ahead and asking a lot of questions that can end up saving you money. Make sure you ask around and compare between removal and shipping companies so that you can get the best quote. It also never hurts to ask for discounts or free packing material. More times than not, simply asking can get you great deals. Try to move only the essentials and pack with time in advance so that you can give yourself some time to pick moving dates that fit with your schedule as well as your budget.



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