6 challenges to consider while building a data warehouse

Data warehouse is regarded as a non-volatile, time-variant, integrated and subject oriented collection of data that provides support to the decision making process of the management. The data warehouse is considered to be the foundation of a successful Business Intelligence program. It plays an integral role in creating a permanent storage space and centralized location for different data sources which should support the reporting, analysis of the company as well as other functions of business intelligence.

As you pay minute attention to the data of the business, it helps in beating the competitive edge. As the volume of the information and total count of data channels continue to enhance along with the advancements in technology, it becomes challenging to store as well as track information.

Benefits of data warehouse

There are different benefits of data warehouse. As data is collected from a plethora of managers, sources, and executives, they do not need to make any sort of business decision on the basis of limited data. In addition to this, you need to keep in mind that data warehouses as well as related business intelligence can be applied to the different processes of the business such as inventory management, marketing segmentation, sales, financial management, directly.

The implementation of data warehouse includes data conversion from different source systems into a single and common format. As each data from different departments are standardized, the departments will be producing results which are in line with the other areas and departments of the business. Thus, you will be capable of ensuring more accurate data effectively. Accurate data is considered to be the foundation for effective and stronger decisions of the business.

A data warehouse is capable of storing an ample amount of historical data so that you can conduct an analysis on different time periods as well as trends for making future predictions. It is not possible to store this kind of data in a transactional data base. In addition to this, it is not possible to use them for the generation of reports from a transactional system.

Data warehouse is considered to be a vital aspect of the latest business models as it brings an improvement in the business development. As the data is consolidated in a single location, it is possible to analyze, access or apply to different processes of the business. While data warehousing has turned out to be a common practice for different businesses, some challenges are expected during the implementation. Here is a list of some of the common data warehousing challenges along with solutions and strategies, for avoiding them:

User expectation

As a wide array of information needs to be added to the data warehouse, it is a prerequisite that the management system has to dig deeper for finding as well as analyzing the same. It indicates that the potential audience will be expecting refined results after the occurrence of any analysis. It is possible that the performance might reduce with the rise in the data volume, which might result in efficiency and reduced speed. It is essential to manage the expectations of the team so that they do not get annoyed and frustrated, once it happens.

Information driven analysis

One of the crucial benefits of data analysis in a successful manner is spending prerequisite time in documenting and understanding the requirements of the business. As data warehouse gets driven by the information you offer, you will be mapping the crucial complements at the early phase of deployment. In accordance with the information quality solutions, as you come up with a better and effective business information model, the implementation process is going to be shorter, and involves a reduced cut off from the pocket.

System optimization and data structuring

The right process of data needs structuring it in a way that it helps in the future operations successfully. Once more and more information is added to the data warehouse, structuring of the data becomes more challenging and it will reduce the process in a significant manner. Besides this, it will be challenging for the system manager for qualify the data for the analytics. For the optimization of the system, it is crucial to configure and design different data analysis tools. It will be useful in offering better an improved results and making the decisions of software development really easy.

Selecting the kind of data warehouse

The market is filled with a vast array of data warehouses and choosing the right one, might be extremely challenging. The two basic options are known to customized and pre-assembled warehouses. Selecting a customized data warehouse helps in saving time at the time of developing a data warehouse for different operational databases. Pre-assembled warehouses are useful in saving time on the initial configuration. The time of data warehouse, you are going to choose, depends on the objectives and models of the business.

Balancing of the resources

For reaping different benefits from the deployment of data warehouse, majority of the businesses need to select to allow several departments for getting access to the system. It will lead to stress to the warehouse, and reducing the efficiency. Implementation of security measures and access control plays a vital role in balancing the performance and usefulness of the warehouse systems.

Master data and data governance

One of the most common mistakes which are made by different businesses offering data warehouse services is a lack of investment in the master data and data governance. As information is considered to be one of the vital assets, you need to monitor the same closely. Implementation of data governance is useful in defining the ownership clearly and ensuring that shared data is accurate and consistent.

Data warehousing is considered to be an ideal tool which is useful to the business in keeping up with the latest data needs and requirements of the business. Now that you are aware of the mistakes and crucial challenges which are related to the deployment of data warehouse, you can take the prerequisite steps for avoiding them and ensuring that the data is going to work for you in an efficient and streamlined manner.

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