6 Beef Delicacies To Rock Your Kid’s Birthday Party

If someone says they don’t like to celebrate their birthdays, they are lying! You don’t want to leave even a tiny stone unturned while planning for your kid’s birthday party. There are a lot of things to manage, and here, we shall talk about the food part. To sort your menu, we are presenting to you some exquisite beef delicacies, which will make the party an appetizing event and leave everyone craving for more.

Beef tortellini soup

To prepare this scrumptious yet quirky soup, you should start with getting the right ingredients- some beef, carrot, onion, sugar, garlic, celery, tomatoes, and broth, in the cooker. You need to cook it on a low flame for about 9 hours. Then, almost 25 minutes before you intend to serve, you need to stir it in basil, frozen tortellini, and some green beans. You would also need to cover it and cook it on a high flame for about 25 minutes till the beans become soft.

Beef and potato croquettes

To prepare croquettes, you would need a large bowl. We say “large” because a lot will happen inside the bowl. You would be required to beat an egg, and add beef, onion, potatoes, pepper, and salt in that bowl. The mixture would be thick! the bowl needs to be large enough to allow you some area to mix the ingredients well. Shape it into balls and then roll them into crumbs. Then, in a dutch oven or a deep-fat fryer, you would need to heat the oil to 375 degrees. After the oil is well heated, you can start to fry them for 2 minutes or till they turn golden brown. Then drain them on paper towels.

Healthy meatloaf

To make a healthy meatloaf, you should pre-heat your oven to 200-degree Centigrade and spray a 9 by 5-inch loaf pan with the cooking spray. Then, heat olive oil on a medium flame, and mix stir green bell pepper and onion in it. You should also add beef, eggs, bread crumbs, carrot, pepper, and salt, and heat in the oven till it has a pinkish hue in the centre, which would need about 35-40 minutes. For more information on a healthy meatloaf, you could click here.

Beef pizza recipe

To prepare Beef pizza in a skillet, you should cook the beef, preferably ground beef with garlic, onion, oregano, pepper, and salt on a medium to high flame. This recipe requires regular stirring till the beef is no longer pink. Drain the remaining fat and keep it on a lightly floured layer. Then, you need to lower the dough to a circle that has a diameter of 12 inches. After that, you should spread some sauce on the pizza dough and garnish with beef preparation. You could also add mozzarella and cheddar onto it. Then, cook it on a low grill and a preheated oven till the cheese bubbles and the crust is golden.

Guinness pie

You need to heat half of the oil in a giant casserole pan and cook the beef 2 times for 10 minutes until the meat becomes evenly brown. You should then add vegetables to the pan and cook it softly. Stir the cooked beef in flour until fully coated and pour it in the Guinness and then, resume stirring! After it is sufficiently covered with the flour and the Guinness,  return the beef to the pan with thyme and some water. Cover and simmer till it is tender and preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius. Place the pastry on the top with slits in the middle for air to escape and then cook till it is golden about 40 minutes and crisp.

Pulled beef ragu

You should be ready with vegetables, beef, garlic, bay, some, 200ml water, stockpot, and tomato puree in a slow cooker and season it. Then you should cook it on a low flame for 6 hours. After the long ordeal, you should put the meat on a board and pull all the stands apart. Meanwhile, you need to put the pot on a hob, and then reduce the sauce till it is thickened according to personal preference. Check the seasoning once again, and put the meat back to the pot and mix with the sauce. You could serve it with pasta and some sprinkling of parmesan

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