5 Weighted Blanket Benefits For Those Struggling With Sleep

Weighted blankets are having a moment. Similar to the increasing popularity of memory foam mattresses in the sleep industry, they’ve proven to be versatile and essential component of the bedroom.  Whether you’re researching how to sleep better or you’re simply looking at methods of stress release, you’ll probably have come across weighted blankets as a potential solution.

How it all started

Originally created with the intent of helping children with autism achieve sleep quicker, it’s been suggested that the feeling a weighted blanket evokes is akin to being embraced or swaddled and promotes calm and restful feeling in most people.

Smaller companies began making weighted blankets before they were picked up, studied and really fine-tuned by experts in the sleep industry. Now, it’s possible to find a wide range of weighted blankets in the market. From cool weighted blankets that cater to sleepers who tend to get stuffy during the night, to hypoallergenic ones for those who worry about allergies, there’s plenty to factor in

Since they’ve first started gaining popularity, numerous studies have gone into understanding exactly what the benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket are, and why they occur. Here are five reasons it may be worth investing in one for yourself:

Using a weighted blanket for anxiety

Weighted blankets have been dubbed ‘anxiety blankets’, due to a few studies that have uncovered a correlation between regular usage and a reduction in clinically diagnosed anxiety. You may want to consider a weighted blanket for anxiety management most especially if you find your anxiety disorder prevents you from being able to sleep well.

Stress relief and weighted blankets

Learning how to relieve stress comes from first being able to correctly identify its source. When it comes to knowing how to manage stress, reflecting on your sleep cycle is a good place to start. Researchers have found a relationship between a lack of sleep and stress levels, and so if sleep is an issue for you, then it might explain how you manage stress. The best weighted blankets have been designed to to put you to sleep faster, using them can help with long term stress relief.

Improves overall mood

Have you found yourself struggling with day-to-day energy? You don’t have to be obviously affected by anxiety or stress for a lack of sleep to be negatively affecting you. If you find that you’re struggling to focus, be enthusiastic about projects at work or in your personal life, and you’re trying to figure out why, it may be that a lack of sleep is the issue.

Helps those struggling with restless leg syndrome

Formally known as Willis-Ekbom disease, having restless leg syndrome usually means you’re unable to keep your leg still for too long. Those who’ve been diagnosed tend to have an overactive nervous system, making it harder to calm the mind and tell the body it is time to go to sleep.

The deep pressure stimulation capabilities of the best weighted blankets really work to counter these sensations, and help to improve the overall quality of sleep.

Recreates a hug

As infants, we are taught to associate the feeling of being embraced and swaddled with safety and security. This doesn’t change as we grow into adults. One of the clearest benefits of a weighted blanket is that it mimics and stimulates the feeling of being embraced, encouraging feelings of calm and safety to those who struggle to do the same. The best mattress can provide comfort and support while you sleep, so think about what you want to invest in.

Whether you’re looking to manage stress better or you’re simply trying to learn how to sleep better, finding the best weighted blanket for you can really revolutionize the way you sleep. Make sure to do the right amount of research, so that you can feel good about investing in something that ultimately brings you closer to being a more balanced, more healthy, and more happy person.

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