5 Ways to Use a Memory Foam Foot Rest Pillow

Most people love propping their feet up as a comfortable way to relax but many do not consider it appropriate in other situations where they are working or sitting in an upright chair. Using a memory foam foot rest pillow has many health benefits and there are many ways to use them other than when you are in a reclined position. Here are five different ways to use your memory foam footrest. 

To Make Your Feet Touch the Floor 

Whether you are a shorter person or are simply sitting in a taller chair, a footrest may be a good idea to get your feet to touch the ground. This will ensure you are distributing your weight correctly, getting optimal blood flow, and giving your body the support it needs. 

When You are Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Many people these days work jobs where they are required to sit for long periods of time. A sedentary lifestyle has many poor health outcomes and simply using a footrest can improve your health and quality of life. Using a footrest will help with your blood circulation, reduce pressure on your legs, prevent blood clots, relieve pressure on your lower back, and decrease the risk of swelling and varicose veins. Another good practice is to stand up for a few minutes every hour to improve circulation and clear your mind. 

Encourage Active Sitting 

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health. Another thing a footrest may encourage is active sitting. Active sitting is where you are moving your feet around more which will improve your blood flow and circulation. Many people also focus better when they fiddle and this could be just what you are looking for to improve your workday. 

To Ease Back Pain

Many people suffer from back and or hip pain that sitting for long periods of time can affect in a negative way. A tendency for most people is to slouch or lean forward when working at a desk which can put lots of pressure on your spine. Using a footrest will make sitting up and with good posture much easier and more comfortable. This will prevent spine and hip damage causing pain and discomfort. 

For Optimal Comfort

The most obvious reason to use a footrest is for comfort. Sitting for a long time can get quite uncomfortable but using a footrest will add a level of comfort making the workday pass with optimal comfort, circulation, and focus. Choosing one that is made out of soft memory foam will give you great comfort and also support. 

Set up Your Desk For the Perfect Posture

To get optimal support and comfort out of your footrest you will want to make sure these things are in the perfect position for you: 

  • Chair: Get a chair that supports your spine and adjust the height so your legs are parallel to the ground. Allow your arms to gently rest and your shoulders relax. 
  • Key Objects: Put everything you will need within reaching distance so you do not have to bend or stand up to get something. 
  • Keyboard and Mouse: Be able to keep your wrists straight, arms close to your body. 
  • Telephone: If your job requires frequent phone calls, you might want to get a headset to avoid holding the phone between your head and your neck while you type. This will cause neck pain and damage. 
  • Footrest: Put your footrest where your thighs are parallel to let your feet fall perfectly on the foot rest. Raise your chair if you need to. This will optimize comfort and blood circulation. 
  • Desk: Adjust the desk so there is plenty of room for your knees and legs to fit comfortably. 
  • Monitor: Place the monitor and keyboard directly in front of you, not off to the side. The top of the monitor should be at eye level so you do not have to look up to see the screen clearly. 
  • Blue light glasses: An additional measure you can take is to wear blue light glasses to protect your eyes from prolonged blue light exposure. 

You Need a Foot Rest Pillow 

Now that you know all the benefits of having a foot rest pillow, and how to purposefully set up your desk for proper support while you work, you just need to pick one out. Having a foot rest pillow will give your work space just what it needs so you can have the most comfortable work day every day.