5 Ways to Never Miss an Assignment Again

Missing an assignment is a habit that almost every student falls in to. Honestly, I will be the first to admit being a victim way back in college. As such, I would testify that it is a disheartening, irresponsible, and inconsiderate but a very easy behavior to adapt. Whatever the reasons you may give to miss the deadline, there is never a good excuse for this. Here are five ways we can work to help manage this habit.

Have a personal planner that has got a comprehensive list of all of your syllabi and make a calendar

Take the first week of school and gather all of your syllabi from your class heads. Go through each of them listing all the required reading, group or individual projects, exam dates and due dates for every assignment in your planner. By doing so, you are assured of every assignment due dates and will not miss out on any. You will also have room to plan for the upcoming assignments and schedule in advance.

Moreover, you will be up to date on the next class topic and prepare adequately. It will be easier for you to make adjustments should there be changes in due dates, and much more. In a nutshell, it will make you much organized and help in completing assignments on time.

Get assistance from online tutors

You may have your planner well organized but there is this one thing which stifles all the creativity, time. On the basis of my experience, beating deadlines usually prove deadly more so in scenarios where you have to endure the following: never-ending lectures, unlimited assignments, part-time jobs, troublesome topics among others.

If much of your time is consumed by the above-mentioned cases, the remedy is to get an online assignment help tutor who guarantees outstanding service. In my case, I always had someone to write my paper for me whenever I felt out of touch. Some online tutors can write your assignments exactly the way you want it to be and within the schedule. Therefore, it is important to asses the services of the one you are interested in before registering.

Some assignment tutors online cater to all the subjects available under the sun, so don’t get worried about the subject on which your assignment is. Simply visit their official website and register or create an account as per the guidelines. Then compare the prices and experts, select the best price for your assignment according to the rating quality of the writer and the time of delivery.

Always update your planner and calendar

Check your college system for updates or notice boards and update your planner regularly. Some lectures may change the submission dates or might have given some vital information concerning the assignments. Check the online hubs and update your planner with the changes.

One better way is to have all the information on paper synced. Having a reminder in both your phone email and physically on paper will always keep you on track. Copy all that are on paper to your Google, iCalendar or your phone calendar and keep on updating it.

Set a personal consequence for being late.

Human beings are such that they have to be prompt to do something, either by reward or punishment. Moreover, Steve Levinson, a clinical psychologist and president of Behavioral dynamics, stated that the habit of being late is cultivated by a lack of consequences. By deliberately punishing yourself whenever you miss out on your assignment will make you learn the importance of keeping time.

I don’t want to suggest the best punishment you may apply because I feel you can be much more creative and come up with a better one. Ensure it is not a life-threatening action.

Make a list of all your lecturer or instructor’s contact information and office hours.

On one occasion you may realize you have misplaced your syllabi planner, your assignment papers or you have got everything but the Wi-Fi is low. Maybe you were to tackle a very crucial assignment or an urgent one. Instead of waiting for the time of submission to explain yourself, won’t you contact your instructor so that you decide on the way forward?

Having your lecturer contacts for every class can save you a lot of stress in the long run. You can have a late homework submission but with the consent of your instructor. Moreover, you may have a question to your instructor concerning the assignments, you simply have to call and save yourself time. Have all the contacts in one place where they are easily accessible and keep in touch so that you never experience a potential headache in the rush hours.

A final thought on ways to never miss an Assignment

Time is the most valuable asset to everyone. To be a good time manager, you have to make your available time to serve your needs. And for this to work, you need to have a clear planning and proper scheduling for your assignment and usually be discipline to it.

The timeline is not actually a burden as some students view it, but take it as an opportunity to challenge yourself. Always strive to avoid having a missed college deadline through any means possible. Whenever you feel you are too committed to managing the deadline, let an online tutor do the assignment for you.

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