5 Ways To Improve Your Brain Fitness

The brain! What’s it about? How does it function? How is it taken care of and or otherwise not? These are the questions that drive an exceptional understanding of the brain to date. While the knowledge of the brain is believed to be lower than it’s unknown, science has achieved outstanding feats in discovering brain fitness tips that have proven to maintain and improve brain health. It is essential to know, though, that, these tips are continually evolving and increasing and almost impossible to keep up based on technological advances. However, we will be sharing 5 of the proven ways to improve your brain fitness. Some tips might be easy to practice at a go while others might require a little bit of professional guidance.

For any brain to be fit in the first place, and for better appreciation of the brain fitness tips that will be shared in this article, one must understand the condition called an unfit brain. The brain is considered inadequate if it fails to carry out these responsibilities at an optimal level that ensures a typical day to day functioning resulting in healthy growth and development of an individual. Therefore, brain fitness is the learning that seeks to understand the brain health and all the things we can do to enhance and keep it healthy. These things range from learning new skills to doing puzzles and games or from taking real steps towards healthy living to choosing healthy foods and supplements. 

We already know, by the innovative works in the field of Neuroscience, how to enhance brain fitness through activities designed to make the mind healthier. However, the real challenge lies in actually doing these things to attain optimal brain fitness.

Here are five brain fitness tips to help attain and maintain brain health:

1. Regular Sleep

You may be familiar with how draggy and uncoordinated you feel after not having a good night’s rest. Well, that is precisely what not getting enough sleep can cause. Getting enough sleep at appropriate intervals is vital for so many facets of brain health. While the duration keeps fluctuating, the average guideline for adults to sleep at night to be well-rested is eight hours. According to one’s, age, this duration may either increase or decrease. Study shows that the older one gets the shorter the required length of sleep and vice-versa.

2. Good Nutrition

Heard the saying, “you are what you eat?”. Food can impact our brain health in so many ways as proven by numerous studies. The right food choices produce better brain health and also protect against diseases/decline that occurs when brains start to deteriorate.

3. Physical Exercise

One of the fun ways to keep the brain going at a good pace is by exercise. Do you know that exercising for just 30 to 40 minutes a day releases feel-good hormones, improves blood flow and oxygen to your brain and stimulates the growth of new neuron connection? I bet you want to try this particular brain fitness tip out.

4. Mental Stimulation

You can boost your brain by learning new skills, language, routes, solving puzzles or playing mind tasking games like chess. Other ways of stimulating your brain are by staying active and doing things out of your regular life routine is very important as you get older to help stimulate the brain.

5. Education

One research showed that participants between ages 50 and 79, who completed 12 months of full-term education reported a 92.5 percent increase in cognitive reserve compared to those who didn’t. Accordingly, in addition to the protection of cognition that education provides, it also helps activates unused parts of the brain.

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