5 Ways to Help Prevent Poaching from Home

Everyone knows that senselessly slaughtering animals is not right, but did you know that it is actually punishable by law? That’s right, poaching is actually a criminal offense. Unfortunately, this still occurs much too often, especially in certain parts of the world that have a high volume of animals that are considered to be a hot commodity for poachers. The reality is, however, that all places can fall victim to poaching. This distributing reality should be a wake-up call for all of us. The truth is that we all have a role that we can play in the fight against poaching. It’s important not only because animals do not deserve to senselessly die as a result of humans being selfish and wanting the goods that they provide. 

Of course, you know that poaching is devastating and that it is harmful to both the animals and the entire ecosystems that they live in. That being said, there are steps that we should take to prevent poaching from becoming even more prevalent. We can also take steps to reduce the amount of poaching that is already occurring. 

Preventing poaching will require all hands on deck. Luckily, there are several things that you should—and can—do from home that will help prevent poaching. If all people are being diligent to take these steps, then we can ultimately hope to eliminate poaching from occurring. The best part is that most of these steps do not require a significant time commitment, and all of them are actually able to be done directly from your home. Helping save animals and the ecosystem has never been quite so easy. 

Today, we are going to share five ways that you can help prevent animal poaching. All of these tips and tricks we are going to share will help you successfully do this from home. Remember: you can make a positive impact on the world around you no matter how old you are, and regardless of where on earth you are. It’s time to get started and learn more about how you can stop poaching—right from the comfort of your own home. 

What Is Poaching?

First, let’s quickly refresh and discuss what exactly poaching is. You might be confused or unsure what constitutes poaching, and this is because there are several different activities that qualify as poaching. It’s important to have an understanding of all of these. This is because if you ever see someone engaging in any or all of these activities, you can immediately reach out to authorities and alert them that something is going on. 

So, what exactly is poaching. Poaching refers to a myriad of things. Do you want to learn the main difference between poaching and hunting? When someone is poaching, they are actually breaking federal, local, and state laws. As a result, this could result in a major issue for the ecosystem, not to mention in some cases it could even lead to the extinction of beloved animals that are endangered. When people poach they are illegally seizing wildlife. Once again, in order to be considered poaching, it has to be in violation of the law. If you see someone hurting an animal that is out of season, or if they do not have a license, or if they are using a weapon that is not allowed to be used, this is all poaching. In addition, killing animals in a prohibited manner is also considered to be a form of poaching. Hunters that slaughter a protected species, exceed their bag limit, or slaughter an animal while they are trespassing are also poaching. 

Unfortunately, because a lot of animals have valuable fur or ivory that hunters want, the reality is that they have a big target on their backs. As a result, these beautiful, often endangered animals, get killed. This is the devastating reality of poaching. It’s all out of selfishness. 

What Are Five Ways You Can Help Prevent Poaching From The Comfort Of Your Own Home? 

Did you know that there are actually ways that you can prevent poaching from occurring, and all of these strategies you can do right at home? It’s true. Preventing poaching from occurring takes a village, but at the same time, it’s important to note that everyone can do something. No matter how big or small it is, it is valuable in the fight to protect animals from poaching. Here are five ways you can stop poaching from home. 

#1: Donate to an organization that supports anti-poaching initiatives 

The first way to prevent poaching from home is to put your money where your mouth is and donate to an organization that supports anti-poaching initiatives. Some of these organizations even fund support in areas where poaching is a prevalent problem to work to protect animals. 

#2: Write to your congress people to encourage them to put in place and maintain laws that disallow poaching 

Let lawmakers know that you are serious about anti-poaching laws and regulations. You can do this by voicing your thoughts and concerns to your congressperson via a written letter or an email. 

#3: If you see someone poaching, reach out to local authorities 

If you see someone who is poaching, you should reach out to local authorities to alert them. After that, they can take the appropriate steps to help. Do not approach the individual yourself; leave it to the authorities to do so. 

#4: Share information about poaching with family and friends so they can educate themselves and take steps to stop poaching 

Maybe some of your loved ones do not realize that poaching is still a tremendous issue, even today. By sharing information about poaching, you are helping your loved ones educate themselves. Then, they can choose to take the next steps to stop poaching, too. 

#5: Educate yourself about poaching, and take a stand on social media 

Keep poaching top of mind by posting about it on social media. Social media offers you an opportunity to share your beliefs and voice, so be vocal about poaching there, too!