5 Ways to Get a Degree Around Parenting

When you are a parent, it can be extremely difficult to combine your new responsibilities with the commitment needed to get a degree or an alternative format of education. However, there are many reasons why parents may be looking to get a degree, such as working to advance their career in order to support their families. This article will discuss the best methods that new parents can use in order to get a degree around caring for their children.

1. Online Education

Online education is one of the best ways that parents can get a degree, as this enables them to complete coursework and watch lectures from any location. They are able to access this content at any time, meaning that they can work around their own schedules. In fact, you can also apply to courses from colleges all over the world so long as you have regular access to a stable internet connection.

Online degrees consist of portals where you will have access to all the information that you need, such as lectures, seminars and the assignment information, and tests are normally conducted at a set time during the course. You can get a degree in most subjects online, however, if you want to work with children, teaching is one of the most popular options. Merrimack College provides a renowned Masters in Elementary Education online, which combines both distance learning and local fieldwork to allow you to get a hands-on experience that is convenient for your lifestyle.

2. Night Classes

As a parent, much of the free time that will be available to you is in the evenings after your children have gone to bed. If you find that you do not have enough time during the day to be able to complete a degree or other educational course, then you should look into the benefits of night classes. To access these, you should visit your local college to find out what courses are available.

3. Part-time Training Courses

Most colleges also offer part-time training courses and degrees. Rather than being, for example, three years in length, these may be four or five years. However, although this means that you will have to commit to longer in order to complete your degree, you will be working part-time for the duration of your course. This leaves you time to look after your children and perform other roles while learning. You can also look into remote part-time training courses, where you can access course materials online, meaning that you can stay at home to work rather than have to live near the college campus.

4. College Creches

If you would like to go to a physical college, but are concerned about childcare, many colleges offer childcare and creche facilities on-site. This means that you will be able to attend lectures at any time without worrying about your children. Additionally, many colleges also offer child-friendly accommodation, meaning that you can take your child with you if you are planning to board on campus.

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