5 Ways Liposuction Boosts a Body Makeover

Whether a New Years resolution, present to yourself, or upcoming event – many people set a goal to start looking better and feeling better. Our lifestyles are increasingly sedentary, so you start by getting out for a walk or the gym more regularly. Once you do, the cravings for processed foods lessen. Combined, you are on a great path to being healthier and happier. But what about that fat that won’t shift no matter how many squats or sit-ups you do? Enter body sculpting and liposuction. Here’s 5 reasons why liposuction can be great to finish off that full body make-over and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

1. It Can Spot Reduce

You may not know, but you cannot target weight loss in specific areas. Yes, you can build muscle through load bearing exercise, but fat loss tends to be universal, and often, uneven. So if you’ve been training and eating well for a decent period of time, and that lower mid-section pooch or flabby arms remain – get a review from a cosmetic surgeon. They will let you know how they can tighten and lift targeted areas of the body.

2. It Can Anti-age

Liposuction is not just fat removal. In the hands of skilled surgeon, they will know where to remove fat so after the fact, your body will be naturally triggered to increase its collagen production. In the lower half of the face, for example, this means that lipo can give results akin to face-lift, but more natural and far less invasive. If necessary, skin tightening and cellulite removal procedures are also possible at the same time as liposuction.

3. It is Permanent

Liposuction removes fat and the actual fat cell. This means that in the area you get lipo, the fat cannot grow back. Eat well and continue to be active, and lipo results will be permanent. If you are less healthy after you have lipo, you will still have discernible results, but they will be less effective or any new weight gain will redirected to another area. So while it removes fat – it is not a weight loss solution in itself.

4. It Can Sculpt

Lipo is not just for women. Men get great results from liposuction whether it is for slimming, more masculine or a more youthful appearance. Most popular goal of men undergoing liposuction is to appear more athletic or muscular. Good liposuction will shape the layers and allow the surrounding muscle to be displayed more prominently and in a more sculpted way. Man-boob reduction or gynecosmastia is also common.

5. It is Safe

Forget untested weight-loss methods or the under-regulated world of supplements, liposuction is medically proven and the safest and most widely performed cosmetic procedure in the world. It may seem a little daunting to undergo what is consider a type of surgery, but lipo is minimally invasive with a lot less down time than what you think. Properly trained cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified and will offer you a tailored solution to fat removal – far better than any detox diet or dubious fat burning supplement.

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