5 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether you have children of your own, have nieces and nephews, or just enjoy spending time with the kids in your life, it’s important to know what gifts to get them. However, shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful. You want to find a present your kids will like and enjoy, but also one that supports their development and growth.

As research about cognitive development, learning, and imagination in children increases, we learn more about how play and brain development are connected. So, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the kids in your life, there are easy ways to find practical, fun, supportive options. 

This guide breaks down five unique holiday gift ideas for kids to consider for this Christmas season. Here’s what you need to know!

5 Gift Subscriptions Ideas

There’s no better gift than the kind that keeps on giving, and that’s what you get when you give a gift subscription! From gifts as simple as a Netflix or Disney+ subscription to more unique options, there are tons of ways you can brighten up your kid’s life and keep them smiling for months to come. 

1. Book Subscription 

There’s nothing wrong with toys, screens, and the typical play gifts. However, if you’re looking for a gift that will stand out from the crowd, a book gift subscription is a no-brainer. You can access hundreds of books on one easy-to-use platform that your kids will love. 

Choose between physical delivery and custom book bundles, digital delivery, and books including different interests, age preferences, and more. There’s so much for kids to learn, and reading is one of the best ways to help them!

2. Baby Food Subscription

For younger children, finding the perfect gifts can be hard. While toys are always an excellent option, you want to find something unique for them. This is where baby food subscription services come in handy. There are many types of baby food subscription services available. Some provide organic baby food that’s hand prepared, and some focus on convenience and easy access. 

By choosing the best baby food subscription, you can support development, nutrition, health, and expand the flavor palette of the little ones you love. While they may not be able to thank you out loud, their smiles will speak volumes. 

When buying this gift for another child, be sure to talk to their parents first about any nutritional needs and preferences!

3. Disney+ Subscription

When considering what gift subscriptions you should give to the little ones in your life, you can’t go wrong with a Disney+ account. With so many movie, TV, and documentary options, there’s something everyone in the family will enjoy. 

An added benefit of a Disney+ subscription is the kid-friendly material included. You won’t have to worry about your children stumbling upon the material you’d rather them not see. Gather around the screens this holiday season to enjoy your favorite classic Christmas film or the newest Disney movie together.

4. At-Home Science Project Subscriptions

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the older kid in your life, consider at-home science project subscriptions. These come in all shapes and forms. From simple science experiments involving reactions with baking soda and fun color-changing experiments like making slime, this is a great, safe way to build your child’s cause and effect connections and interactions with science. 

If you’re looking at this gift for another child in your life, be sure to talk to their parents first to make sure they’re ready to supervise and clean up! Science projects are fun for everyone in the house and make a great way to learn at home, too. 

5. Clothing Subscription 

This unique gift idea is one that benefits everyone in the family. From providing excellent hand-me-downs for all your children and saving money in the long run, this is the perfect gift for everyone! If you have nieces, nephews, or other little ones in your life, help them and their parents out with a clothing subscription! 

There are many types of clothing subscriptions you can find online. From thrift goods and pre-picked outfits to custom packages and monthly options, there’s a lot to consider. Make sure you know what size clothing to purchase for this monthly gift! 

Months of Christmas Cheer 

Gift subscriptions are unique ways to continue the Christmas cheer for months to come. From books, science projects, baby food, and clothing, there are so many possibilities. Help your child learn and explore the world without even leaving the house with these wonderful gift ideas.