5 Tips to Take Care of Your Wine Cooler

Your oenophilia, that is, your love for wine made you buy a wine cooler. Wine coolers don’t need much maintenance like a general refrigerator. But, with these 5 tips, you can improve its sheer-life.

1.     Choosing The Right Location

Though a wine cooler is small in size, you don’t move it often. Portable wine coolers are a different case, though.When you don’t move it often, you should make sure that you’re placing it in the right spot without needing any relocation in the future. The ground on which your wine cooler stands should be flat and strong enough to hold the weight. Do not put your wine vault on an inclined surface where risks of falling & breaking are high.

Wine is best kept far from sunlight. So, follow the same drill in placing your wine cooler. If you think your floor may get damaged due to the cooler’s weight, you can get a plastic mat. This will also ease up cleaning in case of spills.

Your wine cooler should have enough space around it to release the heat. Else, the bottles won’t cool properly. So, leave enough space on all sides of the wine cooler.

2.     Cleaning

Cleaning your wine cooler is absolutely an important step in its maintenance. Wine coolers don’t get dirty often, as it is only the bottles that go into it but fridges usually develop an odour which is why periodic cleaning is necessary.Before cleaning, unplug the power cord to avoid electrical shocks. Remove the shelves and clean the interiors with a mixture of baking soda and warm water using a soft cloth or a cleaning sponge. Rinse with warm water and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Don’t overlook the area around the motor while cleaning, as this is where most of the debris piles up. Do this, at least twice a year to keep your wine cooler working great.When spills happen, don’t be lazy and clean it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the working of the wine cooler.

Avoid cleaning your wine cooler with coarse materials or bleaching agents as they can damage the machine.

3.     Storing

Never overload your wine cooler. While choosing a wine cooler for your home, it is recommended to go for a size bigger than your current requirement. This will be helpful when you plan on increasing your wine collection or if a lot of wine bottles make way into your house.Overloading your wine cooler deteriorates its working and eventually leads to total damage. These symptoms begin with your wine going bad.

The 18-bottle storage wine cooler is widely picked by those with small collections and this one stands out for its excellence in doing the job. You can choose a 100-bottle storage wine cooler too but if your collection does not exceed 20, you’d be wasting space and energy.

4.     Avoid Spilling

An opened bottle of red wine should not go back into the wine cooler. Consume it within two days, though. But white wine should be stored in the wine cooler whether it is opened or unopened.Wine coolers have racks to store your wine bottles on their sides. This is because when stored on the side, a bottle’s cork constantly stays wet and the wine’s goodness is preserved. Don’t remove racks and try to fit your wine bottles in a standing position inside the cooler.Avoid disturbing other wine bottles when taking out one. A wine cooler is preferred for wine storage over a regular fridge as the movements are more in the latter. Don’t open and close the door frequently.

Less spilling and spoiling in your wine cooler ensures it gets a long life.

5.     Replace the Carbon Filter

Many wine coolers are equipped with a carbon filter at the back which refreshes the air inside the wine cooler. Check the user manual to know how often your cooler’s carbon filter has to be replaced (this varies with each model). Replace it from time to time or get a technician to do it. Let’s hope for self-cleaning filters to be invented in the future for your comfort.Wine coolers provide the ideal environment for your collection of bubbly drinks. If not in use, you can also use it to store beer, whisky and other cool drinks like Kahlua. By following these tips you can enhance your wine collection experience.




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