5 tips to get the love of your life back

How to make your ex want you back by doing as little as possible? Have you given this any thought? So your relationship with your better half just had its final chapter. And it did not go well. But deep down, something tells you that this is not how it was supposed to have ended. Now, you have that strong feeling that you want him back because you still love him that much. But how do you do it? How do you get the love of your life back in no time at all? As it turns out, if you are patient enough, you can alter someone’s feelings for you.

To get your love back in your arms, here are some 5 proven tips to make it happen.

1. Think hard about why the relationship ended the way it did in the first place. Are there conflicts and problems that led to misunderstandings and the eventual breakup? Is it because of trust issues? Did somebody cheat on somebody? Knowing the answers to these questions is of real importance because it will serve as the foundation for wanting to get your love back and to the relationship that you had with him. Thinking things through helps you segregate logic from emotions.

2. Now that it is settled, explore your whole self thoroughly. This is also important because you have to do your part just to make this happen. You initiate that first move by looking at yourself and identify those things that need a little changing, those things about you that may have in part caused the breakup.

Such weaknesses of yours need all your attention so you can deal with them fully and come out a much better person the next time you cross paths with your ex. Get a hold of those strengths and use them to improve your personality further.

3. Now that you have finally found yourself, you can be that person that he had fallen in love with before again. Only this time, you are someone much better, someone he cannot resist not being with. Remember that he felt attracted to you before simply because he felt good with himself because you are around and also because you were simply there to meet up with his emotional needs. Smile and laugh with him. Such simple things were what made that relationship special. If you want to get your love back, then you must pay good attention to yourself.

4. The first thing that comes out of your heart, which you wanted to relay to your man, is vital. Say the wrong words, or worse, act without confidence, and you lose your chance. Never make yourself desperate by crying out and begging him to come back to you because it will not work. You’ll be surprised instead if he gets somewhat irritated and distances himself away from you.

5. Talk to him casually so that both of you will not feel awkward in each other’s presence. Ask if you can do something non-committal with him so you can have fun together, like a drink with friends, send each other desserts through Bakingo cake delivery service in Bangalore services or other leisurely activities, something that friends usually do like those on first dates. And whatever you guys can come up with, keep it enjoyable for both of you. You will realise that these simple activities before are what helped you to be together.

Remember to save the serious conversations for later, and just enjoy the moment. It may sound simple, but this is how it is supposed to work. Relax. Go and get your love back now.