5 Tips on Maintaining Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is a useful way to add more flooring space to a warehouse and make use of overhead space. However, proper maintenance is crucial to keep Brisbane mezzanine floors safe and usable.

A mezzanine floor needs to be inspected regularly to check for damage and for wear and tear that could threaten its structural integrity. The inspector should be properly qualified. However, there is much that you can do to make sure your mezzanine flooring stays in good shape so you can prevent expensive repairs or replacements.

Make Sure Fastenings Stay Secure

The bolts and other fastenings that hold a mezzanine floor together can loosen with time, wear and tear, and from impact damage due to collisions with warehouse equipment. Loose fastenings are dangerous because they weaken a floor’s structural integrity, leading to insecure railings or collapse of the floor. Any loose fastenings should be tightened promptly so they do not become looser.

Do not Place Excessive Weight on the Floor

Know how much weight your mezzanine floor is designed to handle, and make sure the weight limit is not exceeded. It may be tempting to save space by putting excessive weight on the mezzanine floor. However, exceeding the weight limit will damage the flooring and its structural supports.

This damage can first appear as cracks or holes in the flooring. If such damage appears, have it repaired immediately, and make sure the weight load on the floor is no longer excessive. In a worst-case scenario, excess weight on a mezzanine floor could cause a catastrophic collapse.

Protect from Damage by Collisions with Equipment

Mezzanine floors in warehouses are often damaged by forklifts and other warehouse equipment. This equipment can damage the flooring through wear and tear. It can also collide with the hand rails, kickboards, and safety gates as well as with the support columns below. Train staff to be aware of the potential for damage and to be careful when operating equipment on or around a mezzanine floor. If such a collision damages the floor or its support columns, be sure the damage is repaired promptly.

Be Sure Protective Coatings Remain Intact

A Mezzanine floor has coatings to protect it from rust, which could weaken the structure. It also has coatings designed to keep the floor from collapsing in a fire for an hour, giving people on the floor or below it time to evacuate. These coatings are designed to endure heavy use in a warehouse or another commercial building. However, equipment collisions and general use can damage these protective coatings, allowing moisture to cause rust and making the floor dangerous in a fire. Any damage to the coating should be repaired to protect the floor.

Since sharp objects could damage these protective coatings, it’s important to keep them from scratching any part of the flooring. Train staff to be aware of the potential for damage from sharp objects and to avoid using them in ways that could damage the flooring.

Clean the Flooring Properly

Improper cleaning with excessive abrasion or harsh chemicals can damage a mezzanine floor’s protective coatings. Simply sweeping the floor with a broom is a safe and effective way to remove most dirt and grime. For an occasional more through cleaning, the flooring can be damp mopped with water. You can also use gentle cleaners such as floor cleaners, detergents, or diluted isopropyl alcohol for a more thorough cleaning. Do not use excessive water, as this could damage the flooring. It could also drip down through the flooring and damage the goods below.

Never use harsh chemicals such as paint thinners or methylene chloride. These chemicals can damage the flooring’s protective coatings and make it more vulnerable to rust and fire. They are also an unnecessary hazard to human health.

If any fluid is spilled on the flooring, clean it up right away. This fluid could potentially damage the flooring or drip down onto goods, equipment, and people below.

Correct maintenance of mezzanine flooring is largely a matter of understanding the nature of the flooring and what could damage it. With proper inspections, cleaning, and maintenance, a mezzanine floor can help you increase your profits by expanding your space for inventory storage.

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