5 Tips For What To Expect During First Week Of College

For most students, the first week of college is a big fat tangle of emotions. You’re excited to be out on your own,   nervous about what’s coming, maybe even a little homesick. Want to know what it’s going to be like? I’ve got you covered.

Move-in Day

You and your parents will spend a good portion of the day unloading your stuff, meeting your roommate, and running errands to hunt down the super important things you somehow forgot to pack. You might check out the campus a little, maybe eat lunch or dinner with your parents, and then, suddenly, it will be time for them to go.

The first night in your room with a new roommate might be a little awkward, but that’s just because you don’t know each other yet. Try to get things unpacked   and a little situated so that your comfortable with the new adjustment of making the move to live on your own.

Welcome Week

Whether or not your school calls it “Welcome Week,” the first week at most colleges is usually geared toward getting freshmen settled in and acquainted with each other and the campus. That means there are lots of activities planned so go out get involved and meet some new people.

Everyone’s a little nervous the first week, so it is the BEST time to make friends ! You don’t have to go to every activity, but if something sounds interesting, check it out, and don’t be afraid to say hi.

First Day of Class

College classes are different than high school classes -sometimes very different. Rather than passing out worksheets the first day, college professors are more apt to give you a

scary-looking syllabus, start lecture, or to say things like, “The person to the right of you and to the left of you will drop this class.” This statement is not true for the most part your whole class will still stay and finish it with you

Student help websites thanksforthehelp, topassignmentexperts and essaywriter4u suggests, Don’t be intimidated! Once you’ve been to a few classes, you’ll start to recognize faces and get used to the professor’s lecture style. It’s a change, but it’s not as bad as it seems!

Walk around the campus a bit so your familiar with where you’re going so your not the person who walks into late on your first day of class and the professor makes an example of you.

Find a Convenient Time to eat

Nothing is worse than the whole entire cafeteria being so packed that you can barely move try and stay away from 12 pm eating time because it is the most crowded time for the cafe and it will really stink because if you don’t know anyone in the café you will have to sit by yourself which can stink so find out when your friends will be eating lunch and try and find them before you head to the café by yourself.

Don’t Move Your Car until Friday

Education consultant working with bestonlineassignmenthelp, paperdoers and onlineassignmentwriting  says ,most college campus have limited spaces so if you have a prime spot and don’t need to drive then don’t ,because once you leave your spot it will be taken and you would hate to have walk over a mile back to your dorm. On the weekends most of the spots will be open because a lot of people will be heading home or going out to party.

College is the most exciting time of your life so go out and get involved and make some new friends.

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