5 Tips For Using A Phone Interpreter Service

The world is a global village, and interactions have become easier and seamless. Despite the thousands of languages in the world, deals have been sealed across borders, thanks to the presence of interpreters. It gets even more comfortable with Chatlas; this app possesses every type of phone interpreter service you could think of. If you are wondering about the best practices of using a phone interpreter service, these five tips will give you the right guide towards the successful request for a phone interpreter and the entire experience.

Speech Pace

After you must have successfully gone through the easy-peasy process of getting a phone interpreter as specified on the Chatlas website, one thing to take note of is the pace of your speech while conversing on the phone with the interpreter. In order not to end up spending more time than necessary, be sure to enunciate each of your words, in the language you would be using to communicate. Be as clear as possible and get the best results

Short Phrases And Pauses

Remember that the phone interpreter service use is not a race and there is no prize for the fastest speaker. With that established, go for short and simple phrases instead of long and difficult ones. Find the right words that express the entire meaning so that the interpreter can be as close to the definition as possible. Asides using short phrases take pauses in between your sentences. This allows for the interpreter to properly process the idea behind every word, phrase or sentence without missing any bit out.

Avoid Jargon

This tip cannot be overemphasized as it is so vital when it comes to something as sensitive as languages and interpretations. In Chatlas, you are advised to avoid jargons and words that are only used by specific fields and not generally known to prevent a misinterpretation. Go for the simple words and easily translatable words. This does not just give you the correct interpretations; it saves you time as well.

Be Prepared To Rephrase Sentences Or Phrases

Along the line, the interpreter might not be too sure what a phrase or sentence means, so you have to be prepared to use more suitable words to replace the previous ones. Over time, this request from the interpreter for the caller to define specific terms has become a common one. In clarifying terms, you are not just limited to finding a substitute word. So long, you are able to express what the word, phrase or sentence means sufficiently, that would suffice.

Address LEP Person Directly

When dealing with an interpreter and the Limited-English Proficient (LEP) person, remember that you are not speaking to the interpreter, but you are addressing the LEP person. With that knowledge be sure to use direct words to the person and not asking the interpreter to ask him. Sticking to this format helps to prevent different miscommunications that can spring from the conversation.

Asides from a seamless and top-notch service on Chatlas, you are assured of the confidentiality of your conversations.

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