5 Tips for Relieving Endometriosis-Related Menstrual Pain

Periods are no picnic. They bring about abdominal pain, fatigue, and bloating, to name just a few symptoms. However, having a period with endometriosis-related menstrual pain can be even more intolerable. Here’s a short collection of tips and tools to relieve some of your endometriosis-related menstrual pain and help you take back control of your menstrual cycle.

1. Keep a small stock of CBD oils, medication, and prescribed cannabis products on hand.


If you’re someone who lives with heavy menstrual pain or endometriosis, CBD for menstrual cramps may ease some of your symptoms. If you’re looking for some CBD products in order to provide pain relief during your menstrual cycle, a company such as Bespoke Extracts can help you achieve just this. With all-natural products that alleviate pain, CBD works by targeting pain and reducing inflammation during your time of the month. THC and CBD products provide various healing benefits that are known to relieve discomfort for those who experience pain along with their PMS symptoms and menstrual cycle.

2. Consider holistic healing.


For those wondering what “holistic health” actually means, it’s the practice of using alternative medicine and methods of healing to achieve positive health benefits, such as providing people with pain relief. If you’re interested in holistic treatments, CBD products may be the most effective option for you when providing relief for menstrual cramps.

Studies show that CBD interacts with certain receptors in the body’s nervous system which, in turn, reduces your response to pain. When CBD comes into contact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it works by reducing levels of inflammation which creates pain and discomfort. These studies support the healing benefits of CBD products which help those living with debilitating menstrual pain and cramps.

3. Use coupons to protect your wallet when managing your pain.


Living with endometriosis or painful menstrual cramps can also cause you to stress about finances when seeking medical help. However, there are options when managing both pain and money. Start by getting connected to a pharmacist who will help you find some coupons as well as great deals on prescription medication at every pharmacy visit. Access to prescription drugs does not have to be a stressful task for you. Finding prescription coupons online can be done with just a simple Google search.

4. Add some THC to your stock of period pain relief products.


There are many THC products that can bring you relief from painful menstrual cramps and period symptoms. Products such as tinctures and THC capsules may help relieve your pain and soothe the discomfort caused by inflammation during period cramps.

THC may even help those who suffer from severe mood swings, endometriosis-related pain and flare-ups, and other medical conditions that interfere with living a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. Check out your local CBD and THC dispensary or connect with a specialist who can walk you through the application process of acquiring THC products.

5. Get professional medical advice from the comfort of your own home.


Telehealth services have never been easier or more convenient. This service helps you to connect with medical professionals in order to receive personalized healthcare that is mindful of both your symptoms and your out of pocket costs.

In addition, if you have Medicare or receive special health benefits, you can also get in touch with health professionals who can provide discount prescriptions with USA Rx, whose primary focus is to help people save money on their drug costs. As well as that, you can also consult a holistic health expert from companies such as Bespoke Extracts that can match you with CBD and THC products for soothing period discomfort as well as endometriosis-related pain relief.

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